Fem Saffron Fairness Creme Bleach Review

Fem Saffron Fairness Creme Bleach Review

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Today, I will be reviewing Fem Saffron Fairness Creme Bleach. I have been using Fem Apple and Peach bleach since about a year. I really liked it. Fem is the only bleach which has not caused severe reactions on my extremely sensitive skin. I had always seen only two variants of bleach from Fem: Blueberry and Apple and Peach.  I recently saw a new variant and that was Fem Saffron bleach at an online site. I immediately wanted to try it and couldn’t control myself from ordering it.


About Fem Saffron Bleach:

If you have fair complexion and face a problem of patchy skin, dark facial hair the switch to Saffron Fairness. It lightens facial hair, evens out skin tone to give healthy fairness that lasts longer.

box (3)

Pack Details:

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6.6 g- for 1 time use on neck and face.
26.4 g- for 4 times use on neck and face.
52.8 g- for 8 times use on neck and face.
304 g- for 40 times use on neck and face.

I have the one which can be used 8 times.


Rs. 68 for 52.8 gm.



Crème bleach:

Aqua, hydrogen peroxide, cetostearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, polyoxyethylene 20 cetostearyl alcohol, PEG 100 stearate, glyceryl monostearate, stearic acid, sodium stannate trihydrate, ortho phosphoric acid, di-sodium EDTA.

Powder activator:

Ammonium-bicarbonate, colloidal silicon di-oxide, perfume, Cl No. 77491, skimmed milk powder.

Fem convenience:

Fem Bleach gives healthy fairness in just 15 minutes. It now comes with a SafeUse Spoon for both crème and activator to provide care and convenience to our users.


Spoon:  Two-sided spoon that has one big scoop for the crème on one side and one small scoop for the activator on the other side. Ratio of spoon should be 1:1, i.e. with 1 big spoon of crème mix one small spoon of activator.

First time users:

When using Fem Fairness Crème Bleach for the first time, prepare a small application as per instructions and apply it on your arm or behind the ear. If excess irritation occurs, you are allergic to the product. If not, you may proceed with the application.


  • Use plain water to wash face, as face wash or cleansing milk might react with the FEM mixture.
  • Kindly avoid application on inflamed, chapped and irritated skin.
  • Never mix the bleach crème and activator until you are ready to start the treatment.
  • Do not use consecutively in less than 21 days.
  • Understand your skin type and use the variant accordingly.
  • Do not use after hot bath as it opens the pores of the skin.
  • It is advisable to use the bleach in the evenings as exposure to sunlight after its application might harm the skin.

inner lid

bleach creme (2)

bleach creme

My Experience with Fem Saffron Fairness Creme Bleach:

Fem Saffron Fairness Crème bleach comes in a pink colored cardboard box. It has various contents. The large jar has the bleach crème. It has a screw lid. The jar has another light, flexible lid which can be seen after opening the main screw cap. This inner lid is very difficult to push inside once it comes out. It becomes next to impossible to push it back inside. I ended up spoiling my hands several times while trying to push it inside. The small, spherical jar has activator inside it. The lid of the activator is quite sturdy. It has a double-sided spoon in it, the large spoon is for crème and small spoon is for activator. The spoon is a new addition to Fem bleaches. I guess it is a very good idea because I always had problem with estimating the quantity of crème and bleach earlier. I either ended with very strong bleach or very light bleach. I loved the idea of spoon in it. There’s a spatula inside the box also. It is used to mix the bleach crème and activator.


activator 2

I made the mixture using three large spoons of crème and three small spoons of activator. Both the products got completely mixed with each other in about 2 minutes. I applied it on my face and neck. I applied a thicker layer on the sides of my face. I kept it on my face for about 15 minutes. After about 10 minutes, I started experiencing tingling sensation on my face. Since I have extremely sensitive skin, this is quite normal for me. I removed the bleach using tap water after about 15 minutes. It takes some time to remove it completely.

activator 3

This bleach gave me instant glow and removed my tan completely. I loved how healthy my skin appeared. The glow I got was more than what I got after using Apple and Peach variant. The Apple and Peach variant never bleached my facial hair completely, especially the ones near the ear. I am glad this new Saffron variant was completely successful in bleaching my facial hair. I experienced mild redness after washing it, but it disappeared after I applied aloe vera gel on it. The redness and rash were not visible at all the next morning. I liked the Saffron Variant better than the Apple and Peach variant. The description says it is best suited for fair skin, so you can give this a try if you have fair complexion. I generally apply bleach after about 2 months because of the chemicals. Though it says, it can be reapplied after 21 days; I still think the gap should be at least a month.

Pros of Fem Saffron Fairness Creme Bleach:

  • Gives more glow than the other variants I have used.
  • Bleaches my facial hair completely.
  • Removes tan.
  • Fem bleaches cause less reactions on my sensitive skin than other bleaches I have tried.
  • The addition of the spoon in this variant to measure the amount of crème and activator while mixing is a big hit for me.
  • Spatula available for mixing.
  • Effect stays on me for more than a month.

Cons of Fem Saffron Fairness Creme Bleach:

  • Shouldn’t be used frequently because of the chemicals.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase/Do I Recommend Fem Saffron Fairness Creme Bleach?

Yes, I liked Fem Saffron Fairness Crème Bleach a lot. I guess I am going to keep using it till I find something better. If you like bleaches from Fem, you can definitely give it a try.

Have a nice day.

P.S.:  I am really sorry this review is exceptionally long. There were so many things which needed to be mentioned and explained and I didn’t want to miss anything.

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    1. awww.. oxybleach causes reactions on me jomol Di.. oxylife bleach is better than the plain oxybleach. fem is d only bleach which doesn’t cause reactions on me. u know for the first few times i got my face bleached, i had to take antihistaminics Cz of allergy 🙁

  1. ohh god i ws thinking of using bleach on my skin and ur review came today wow.. so apt.. i wil search this bleach here let me see if i get it.. m hoping it will suit my sensitive skin after reading ur experience.. 🙂

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