Fenugreek Seed Infused Coconut Oil for Long Hair & Split Ends:DIY

Fenugreek Seed Infused Coconut Oil for Long Hair & Split Ends

I don’t have pretty tresses; they are damaged, develop split ends and grew very slow. You can imagine I hardly needed a full fledge haircut in 12 months. My mother actually met an Indian woman in a connecting flight to Europe, who had very beautiful hair and she gladly shared the secret with mom. I am using it since 8 months and I am ready for my second haircut in the time duration.

Things you will need:

• 100 ml coconut hair oil
• One table spoon full fenugreek seeds
• One table spoon full black onion seeds (kalonji)
• One glass bottle

All you need to do is coarsely grind fenugreek seeds and black onion seeds separately (because they have different grinding times). Take the glass bottle and fill it with grinded stuff using a paper chute, then fill in coconut oil. Boil water in a pan and close the stove; now keep the glass bottle in that water for 15 minutes (don’t boil the oil). Take out and keep in sunlight for 15 days.

You can actually start using the oil from fifth day of sunlight bath, but then keep refilling the bottle; it won’t affect the nutrition content of the oil. For application, dampen your hair with warm water and massage oil into scalp and cover the tresses from roots to tips. Keep for two hours and rinse with shampoo and followed by a conditioner. Results start to show up in four weeks, so be patient.




This oil results in faster growth of hair, approx 2x. Also, it reduces formation if new split ends.

Additional Tips:

• If you don’t like coconut oil fragrance, you can add half a teaspoon of sautéd and crushed coriander leaves to suppress the coconut smell.
• You can also replace coconut oil with any other essential oil you like but coconut oil has been said to be most effective, so I haven’t tempered with the original formula.
• If you develop lice due to coconut oil, juice out one onion and add few drops of apple cider vinegar or lemon and apply to scalp; rinse after one hour. Do once a week for six weeks and you will be free of lice.
• If you have got sufficient time, soak fenugreek seeds overnight and in the morning, take the seeds out and make a paste out of it keeping the water aside. Apply the paste to hair and keep 30 min, rinse off with the soaking water. No need for shampoo or conditioner. This eliminates hair-fall unbelievably.


Why coconut oil??

Coconut oil is infused with healing properties for damaged hair.The natural antioxidants and nutrients found in coconut oil will deliver critical resources to improve your hair’s softness and lustre. Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E, vitamin K and iron and effectively eliminates dandruff while boosting hair growth.

Fenugreek Seeds:

Fenugreek seeds are beneficial in making hair grow healthy. Fenugreek seeds are a great source of protein and nicotinic acid, which assists in cutting thinning hair and baldness down. Fenugreek seeds are helpful in faster hair growth, for growing new hair, maintaining pigmentation of hair and reduces hair fall, providing essential vitamins and proteins to hairs.

Black Onion Seeds:

Black onion seeds contain protein, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, folic acid, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, phosphorous and many other beneficial acids. Black seed contains anti fungal properties. Black seed contains good fatty acids and essential oils, this helps to keep the hair healthy. It helps in reducing premature greying of hairs and formation of split ends.

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37 thoughts on “Fenugreek Seed Infused Coconut Oil for Long Hair & Split Ends:DIY

  1. Ohh I need it for my split ends.. *pigtail* let me try if i cud manage to do it, u r so patient to attempt it even.. *jai ho*
    pls tell any diy for coloring immature grey hairs naturally black sumera.. *waiting* My hubby is suffering from immature greying, sinus knw.. *scared* I dnt wnt him to use colored dye n all stuffs knw usse baki bache khuche baal b safed ho jayenge.. *nababana* Pls tell any natural diy to color his hairs, right nw I use henna powder n mix coffe to make the burgundy but I love black hiars n natutrally his hairs r black dunno hw to get black tint

    1. hmm well honestly it is difficult to get black hair without die because all natural remedies include mehndi/henna that actually turns them burgundy. my hubby has same issue as he served in coastal area for 6 years and same with bro. my mom has allergy with hair die, she has some formula actually that had katha in ingredients. i wonder if you will get it in USA. give me few days to ask her and get back to you neetu as she is in UK right now.
      i am the biggest victim of split ends, they are lesser now but still there…

      1. ohh no issues sumera, i can wait meanwhile burgundy shade chalega.. *hihi*
        We do get many stuffs here irrespective of their place of origin or location sumera so I am hopeful to find whatever u suggest for making a herbal safe hair coloring henna paste. *haan ji* *thankyou*

  2. I used to apply fenugreek seed hair pack once a week and this post made me realise, my hair was really healthy when I followed that habit religiously. But then over a period of time I got bored of it 😛 , and started experimenting with hair packs. Plus using fenugreek hair pack is such a mess, I neither have patience nor time for that 😛
    I guess I’ll definitely give this a try! Because I’m in a hair-fall-zone since past few months *spank* I hope this helps 🙂 *thankyou*

    1. yes, i am very allergic to either thick or runny face n hair masks!!! instead of fenugreek mask, i was my hair with the soaking water in summers and throw away the seeds gladly *happy dance*

  3. ohh thanky you so much sumera… am surely going to try this. As i used to apply fenugreek pack and had long shiny hair. only one que . ..here .. *scared* can i refill the bottle with same left over or should i make new one??
    *thankyou* *thankyou* so much for sharing this.

    1. you can refill the bottle once like you stated using it from day 3rd and kept refilling and 15 days passed by….and use it….for again a new bottle, use a new mixture from the start like coarse grind fenugreek n onion seeds …also, you can take 200 ml oil with 2 tablespoon of each…depends on the size of bottle you have.. 🙂

  4. jomol ji thanku sooooo much for rescuing my comments. earlier i used to wait…. loooong …for moderation. already feeling welcomed. *shy* *shy* *blush* *blush*

  5. will definitely gonna try this method. iam facing severe hairfall these days *waaa* *waaa* *thankyou* *thankyou* for sharing this diy Sumera

    1. also go for washing you hair with fenugreek soaked water. it worked faster for hairfall, just don’t heat the water after you have soaked in seeds overnight..

      1. Hi
        M facing a severe hair fall problem..but for hair wash v atleast need 1 bucket water so how much quantity of seeds to be soaked..

    1. hehe *thankyou*
      kalonji to har jaga mil jati, get from grocery store. it is used in foods too like in pickles and halwa poori potato curry etc…

  6. Does this help in treating hair breakage dear.. I was planning to use methi pack for hair this weekend and here this comes 🙂 thanks allot.

    1. hmmm sweety i am not sure about hair breakage actually because methi pack is dense so it might entangle your hair and they may even break more…instead try not to comb extremely wet hair, air dry your hair, don’t rub harshly with towel, use a good quality nylon hair brush and keep using a good conditioner for softer easy manageable hair to lessen hair breakage…you also might have a look at your diet because the symptoms worsen in anemic people.

  7. this one is very useful to me now, every thing is fine, but sunlight it is a big problem for me here in north eastern parts of U.S, i need to wait till summer *waaa* *cry* *cry* recently we moved from new york to washington d.c i am suffering from severe hair loss, i should say i lost 60% of my hair *cry* *cry* *cry* and split ends also, i need something but i am really scary to try anything new, but this looks amazing 2X hair growth *hifive* thanks for sharing *puchhi* i will try this in summer

  8. ” If you develop lice due to coconut oil…” Does coconut oil give lice????
    I have hairlfall issue and have recently noticed that my hair isnt as thick as it used to be and weighs very less. I have greasy scalp and dandruff. Will the meethi help???

    1. yes …i have heard it induces lice in some people but i don’t have the classification girl….it will work for dandruff and i have greasy scalp too but what helps in greasy scalp in nothing but ass few lemon drops in water and message into scalp and then take a light absorbent cloth and rub slightly…. this diy overall increases hair length growth actually….

  9. Woooow thank you soo much for this *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* i love all the oils that our IMBB people make *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* they all work out so well for me *pompom* vil soon make this one as well *hifive* *hifive*

  10. hi sumera..
    a really helpful review.. *thankyou*
    but can you plz clarify whether we can apply this hair oil overnight and also how frequently..?
    as in twice a week before headwash is okay ya zayada ho jaenga..???
    waiting for your reply..

  11. Hii, thnx for sharing I’ve already made this Oil, can we put this oil in night without putting warm water in hair n kept for whole night n wash in the morning, plzzz do reply Asap…

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