Fermented Skincare – The Latest Korean Skincare Trend

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Korean women are known to have gorgeous skin that is bright and luminescent. The 10-step Korean skincare regimen is followed by skincare enthusiasts all over the world. And now, the latest skincare fad seems to have taken the skincare industry by storm!

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What is fermented skin care?
Fermentation is the metabolic process of converting sugars into acids, gases, or alcohols using yeast and/or bacteria. In skincare, it holds a host of possibilities. Just like fermented food can help to kill the toxic elements and toxic micro-organisms in our gut, the same way fermented skincare products prove effective to kill the bacteria over skin and promise you with soft, supple and glowing skin. Fermentation causes the breakdown of larger organic plant structures and complex molecules into smaller — and potentially more bioactive — molecules; smaller molecules are more readily absorbed into your skin. As a result, it’s believed that fermentation superboosts skincare products to make them more potent than their non-fermented counterparts!

Fermented Skincare - the Latest Korean Skincare Trend

Benefits of fermented skincare products:

1. Hydrating skin
Fermented products provide the skin with easily absorbed amino acids and antioxidants. They also infuse the skin with fruit acids, which help aid in moisturizing the skin, therefore making these products a great choice for those with sensitive or very dry skin.

2. Refining pores
They help to naturally exfoliate dead cells, clearing the debris from the pores.

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3. Brightening skin
Fermented ingredients are often loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients and can provide a calming and brightening effect to the skin.

4. Anti-aging
Natural ingredients like yeast extract, ginseng algae, fruit extracts after fermentation aid in the cell renewal process.

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