Fiama Di Wills Anti-hairfall Shampoo Review

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Hey beautiful ladies,

We all love our hair, don’t we. The most painful thing for most of us in my opinion is the sight of hair on our towels or on the comb after a hair wash. Blame it to today’s hectic lifestyle, pollution, poor nutrition or whatever but the truth remains that most of us are facing this problem to some extent, don’t we? Since we have shifted to a new city I was experiencing a steep rise in the number of strands that I saw post I comb my hair, this naturally raised an alarm for me and I started searching for products with all claims of reducing hair fall or better- anti-hair fall. It is during this search of mine only when I came across this product which I am going to review today- Fiama Di Wills Anti Hair Fall Shampoo- Restore System with Brazil Nut Oil. So how it fared, read on to know more.

Product Description:

Made by combining Exotic Brazil Nut Oil and Advanced Restore Technology, Fiama Di Will’s Anti Hair Fall Shampoos reduces hairfall thereby making your hair 6 times stronger. Formulated for weak hair to protect them against hair fall, Fiama Di Will’s shampoo gives you smoother hair that detangles without any effort. Get 6 times stronger hair with the anti hair fall shampoo, wear beautiful, healthy hair that makes you look beautiful because first impressions, matter. Reduces hair fall by 90% while making your hair more silky and smooth as compared to normal hair. Use daily for beautiful, flowing hair that bounces with health.


• Restore system enriched with Brazil Nut Oil.
• Repair damage and reduce hairfall.
How to use?
Take the required quantity on your palms and work up to form rich lather. Apply on wet hair and rinse thoroughly with water. Repeat if necessary. Follow it with Anti hair fall conditioner.

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The shampoo is housed in white plastic opaque bottle with a white flip open cap. The packaging is sturdy, travel friendly and convenient to use.

Quantity and Price:
200 ml.for Rs. 140/-

Best Before:
One and a half year from the date of packaging.

My views on the Fiama Di Wills Anti-hairfall Shampoo

The shampoo is white in colour and creamy in texture. The fragrance is nice and lingers on for at least a day post a hair wash. It lathers well and cleanses hair well. It is also easy to rinse off as it don’t leave any soapy residue behind. Now coming to the claims part- although it has reduced my hair fall to some extent but certainly not as much by 90% as per the claims. I am already onto my second bottle and using it for almost two months now (I wash my hair every alternate day) so in my opinion it is the right time to judge this product.


What I like about Fiama Di Wills Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

1. Pleasant smell that lingers on for some time.
2. Affordable.
3. Easily available.
4. Cleanses hair well.
5. Travel friendly packaging.


What I don’t like about Fiama Di Wills Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

What I don’t like about this shampoo is the fact that it does not reduce hair fall as per the claims made. Although I know that probably- I repeat (I am not very sure) there is no such shampoo which can reduce hair fall to the extent of 90%, yet whenever I see any such product with such tall claims I can’t restrain myself from buying it.


IMBB Rating:


If you want to try something new but it is like other shampoos only- nothing special, nothing unique.

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