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Anusha P. asks:

Hi ladies,

I have a small question regarding a lipstick I recently purchased. I ordered a lotus herbals star glow lipstick last week online after reading its reviews here on imbb. I received it this week, somehow the lipstick smells a bit different and not in a good way so I just wondered if any of u could tell me if thats the way its supposed to smell or have I received a outdated product?
P.S : no expiry date mentioned on the package.

Thanks and regards,


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12 thoughts on “How To Find Out if the Lipstick Has Expired: Ask IMBB

  1. This was all i could find…..hope it helps….

    One indication that your lipstick has gone bad is a strange odor coming from it. This is caused by the separation of waxes and other materials in the product.

    When lipstick expires it tends to gather bacteria in the form of beads of oil on the surface of the lipstick itself. This bacteria may cause irritation.

    If your lipstick smells bad, then it’s expired and should not be used.

    The best way to tell if a lipstick has expired is if it is dry and change the texture. . If the odor becomes more acidic, the sign you have to throw it away.

    It will start smelling rancid (Unpleasant)

  2. I hold Phd in lippies 😛
    1. avg life is 2 years
    2. if it smells not fresh/ bacterial toss it
    3.ideally after every use u cud wipe the top clean with tissue slightly because all the application wud make it a breeding ground fro bacteria
    when i do that my newer lippies smel and stay fresh
    4. texture, if you think it is bubbling or when you swipe it it is crumbly and gooey then its time to toss it
    5. deposits here and there and shade changes

  3. Thanks neha…. that was a wonderful insight on lippies… 🙂 The lipstick does look brand new.. and it doesnt not have any properties which determine that its expiring.. but its only the smell that is bothering me. I had to try a lot to find that shade and now i have found it am not sure whether to use it or not 🙁 thanks again for all your comments they have been very helpful..

  4. i had got 1 lipstick from WS, they have given me a lipstick with expiry date 8/2013, i have not used it yet… Shall i exchange the same???

  5. I just tossed my Bobbi Brown moisturizing lipstick. For starters there was a smell like oil separated from the other materials. Then i noticed there was a greyish greenish tinge around the lipstick. That scared me so i threw it off. Thought would be good to share for the other ladies here to know. Also it’s time for lipstick shopping – nice.

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