Find Out Which Hair Brush Works Best for Your Hair

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I am here today to talk about hair brushes and their importance in our life. Tresses are the best gift to girls but only if you take good care of them. You might have heard about the benefits of brushing your hair daily which seems to be unbelievable and many people do think that we are brushing our hair regularly but why are things not changing? That may be because you are using wrong tools. A right hair brush for a right thing does matters. Let us know how.

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• Boar Bristle Brush – Cleansing

Brushing your hair regularly with a boar bristle brush would give you a cleaner and healthy scalp. Brushing your hair with a boar bristle brush removes all the impurities that build up on your scalp including uric acid crystals too. Using an old fashioned boar bristle hair brush rather than a synthetic bristle one would distribute the oils in your hair very well. It also eliminates frizz and adds naturals healthy shine to your hair.

• Huge Round Brushes – Pair it with a Blowdryer

round brush

Some people think that these brushes suit only for straight hairs but no girls, these round brushes are for everyone and work best for styling your hair as in-curls. I love the in curls look as it looks amazing on round faces. Also using this brush with a blow-dryer makes your hair soft and manageable. It gives an amazingly smooth texture to your hair; no matter whatever is the hair type.

• Wide Tooth Comb – Detangling

This wide tooth comb can be used with all hair types whether long, short, thin, thick curly or straight. It is best for detangling your hair. It is always suggested that you should first detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb and then start brushing your hair with a paddle brush to improve the blood circulation.

• Paddle Brush – Blood Ciculation

paddle brush

A paddle brush is one of the most common hair brushes we all own. It is perfect to use a paddle brush in shower to spread your hair conditioner well. it is like a large brush with paddled head that works great for fine hairs. I would suggest you to use it on the tips of your hair to detangle and avoid much hair fall. It improves the blood circulation making all your hair problems vanish.

• Rat-tail Comb – Parting

This is a comb with thin end side and small closer bristles. This is not used in our day to day uses but is used for parting different hair sections for hair styling. Could be a puff or for having equal and clear sections of hair.

Apart from this guide of using different hair bushes for different hair types, brushing your hairs regularly gives numerous benefits like improved blood circulation, equal distribution of oils throughout the hair & scalp, and it also adds shine and gloss to the hairs.

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