Find Your Correct Bra Size with Easy Steps

How have you been, it’s going pretty hectic and tiring for me. Today I am going to write on a very common mistake made by most of the females, and that is getting and wearing wrong size bra. According to statistics, nearly 80% women wear bra which are not right for them, and don’t we know how important is it to know the correct size of your bra! Lingerie is an essential part of everyday wardrobe, although not visible but it does boost your confidence and comfort immensely. So, it is NOT okay or chalta hai to not know the correct size for you. Let’s discuss it further!

Find Your Correct Bra Size with Easy Steps2

These are the signs to look out for to find out if you are wearing the wrong bra size:

Find Your Correct Bra Size with Easy Steps3

• The cup size is small and your breasts tend to poke out from the side or front of the cup seams, giving that unflattering double layer effect

• The band of your bra, that is the stretch of elastic below the cups which goes all the way
around to your back, squeezes in the sides a bit too much, creating grooves and deep marks

• The band is too tight for you; you have breathlessness or suffocating feeling at times

• You have elastics deep grooves or marks on your shoulders

• The band dragged up high on the back, ends up being at an awkward place in the back

• The wires poke the breasts or the rib cage

If you are experiencing any of the above points, it’s time to check your size!

So there are two part of the brassiere – the cups and the band. You know the 34B or 36C the numbers represent the band size and the alphabet represent the cup size. These are two things you need to keep in mind while taking the measurements. So, let’s get down to work. You need a measuring tape for this, and make sure the garment that your are wearing is comfortable, not too snug or too loose.

Measuring Band-size

Find Your Correct Bra Size with Easy Steps

1. First of all make sure you are not wearing any heavily padded or wired bra. Wear a normal, non-padded bra or a just a well worn snugly fit t-shirt/tank top.

2. Take a measuring tape and measure just below the breast.

3. Don’t try to measure too tightly; the tape should always have a snug fit with the body part you are measuring be it arms, thighs or any other part.

4. While measuring, keep the tape at the higher abdomen or under bust, breathe in and out twice and then write down the number you get after that at normal breathing. Then, add 4 to it. This is going to be your band size.
If the number you get is an odd number, then round of to the next even number.
For example – 33 becomes 34 and the band size will be 34 + 4 = 38

Measuring Cup-size

Find Your Correct Bra Size with Easy Steps1

5. Now, place the tape across the fullest area of your breast. Don’t breathe very forcefully; this might give a false, higher number.

6. Write down that number. This is the bust-size, if you get the odd number then round off to the next even number. For example say you get the bust size as 39. This will become 40.

7. Find the difference between the band size number and the bust-size number and the difference represents the cup size.

8. To find the cup size = bust size – band size, taking above examples 40 – 38 = 2, hence the cup size would be B, if the difference would have been 1 the cup size would have been A if 3 then C if 4 then D and so on.

Hope this article is helpful. Different dresses require different kind of lingerie, but the size is the most important thing. Never forget to get the size correct as it is an essential part of your look and comfort. Enjoy you day!

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14 thoughts on “Find Your Correct Bra Size with Easy Steps

  1. I got myself measured at Victoria’s Secret last year and it was then I realised that I had been wearing the wrong size for years! This will really help a lot of people 🙂

  2. I used to work in apparels industry so have been wearing the correct size for years now and will continue to. Bra alters the look of our garments more than we think and every woman must know to check it. Good article Nancy, we all mist discuss these things.

    1. thanx Shikha 🙂 yes we must discuss these things, although i felt the need to discus, but even i was a bit apprehensive while writing the article, but so happy to see the response 🙂

  3. Great article! Very very basic but something which is not followed in India. Probably because of lack of awareness. The mothers don’t know it, so the daughters don’t know it. And since all things lingerie are kept under wraps, no one discusses it at home or outside. Hence people continue wearing wrong size n wrong type of bra. I myself have made so many mistakes in this arena till I figured what works for me!

    Nancy, I would urge you to do another post on the same topic – to help women understand the different type of bras and their uses. I think that info is equally valuable and not understood by many. And it’s essential for the girls. I would do the write up myself but my hands don’t permit me. So I urge you to do a part 2 if u can.

  4. This article about bra is very useful.I myself found so much reliable after reading it and tried the and found its jst perfect….So all girls please do follow this to make u feel confident and comfortable…

  5. It’s a really helpful article. But I have a question. Do we need to take the measurement wearing a bra or the measurement should be taken of the bare body?

    1. Hey Sonali, you can take the measurement in something that is just comfortable, like some well worn tshirt or non padded bra, specifically something which is not too tight to give false result. It can be done on bare body but then make sure that the tape is not loose or tight while measuring.
      Sorry for being late in getting to your question hope it helps you 🙂

    2. i would recommend with bra or tshirt, it will be more specific and correct, i personally think that on bare body there might be a chance of mis-measurement. you can obviously go for anything.

  6. Hello everyone, actually I follow all these steps to measure my correct bra size. I got my band size after adding 4 is 32 and my bust size is 32 therefore I got zero ? I do again and again but same results occurred. Anybody help me on that???

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