First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream Review

First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream

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Today I’ll be reviewing a product from a brand that’s only recently caught my attention. I wasn’t too impressed with First Aid Beauty when I first came across their products. But over time I’ve heard a lot of positive things about their products and was waiting to one of them out. So, when it was time to replenish my supply of daytime moisturizer, First Aid Beauty’s daily cream was an easy choice to make. To see if the product lives up to its hype, read on!

Product Description

This is a “lightweight, non-comedogenic lotion containing ceramides and botanical antioxidants.”
It “softens and moisturizes for healthier, plumper-looking skin.” And is “infused with FAB Antioxidant Booster, a powerful botanical blend of white tea, licorice root, and feverfew extracts, which heal and prevent free-radical damage.” Furthermore, “the mild formula soothes and protects the skin barrier and reduces skin reactivity.”

It’s formulated without: parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances,synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs and Triclosan

It is “appropriate for all skin types, including the most sensitive skin. It is allergy-tested, dermatologist-recommended, and fragrance free. And “a twist-lock pump makes for convenient dispensing.”

$20 for 2 oz.

My Take on First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream

I bought this cream at a time my skin was literally wrecked by a face mask I used. I had used Freeman’s anti-stress mask twice and it completely broke my face out. For days, I kept getting the nastiest cystic acne on my face. It was absolutely the worst! I took a big chance by switching over to a new moisturizer at the time, but hey that’s the life of a beauty junkie for you. Full of risks and peril 😛 Anyway, I’ve been using this for the past few weeks as my daytime moisturizer and am pretty pleased with the results. For reference, when my face isn’t broken out with face-mask induced cystic acne, I have combination skin that’s oily and acne prone in some places and dry in others.
Because my skin type is combination, I like moisturizers that hydrate dry parts while keeping oil under control. This lotion does a really great job at doing both things. I use about two pumps at the beginning of the day, under my makeup, and my faces stays moisturized and oil-free for the rest of the day. My nose, which is the oiliest part of my skin, does not get shiny when I use this. And my cheeks, which are mostly dry, stay soft and hydrated. The moisturizer is light weight and absorbs into the skin fairly quickly. After I put this on, my skin feels soft and matte, and not at all weighed down by the moisturizer. Even though the finish is matte, my skin doesn’t feel dehydrated at all. It’s really the perfect finish for combination skin.
This did a great job of healing my skin, and has not caused any breakouts. It does not contain any harmful chemicals or any dyes or fragrances that can irritate the skin. It calms my skin and takes any redness out. Overall, this is a great everyday moisturizer. It hasn’t dramatically changed my skin. I don’t have wrinkles yet, and my biggest skin issue are acne scars. This hasn’t changed them in anyway, but when I put this on it does take redness out from them. This also imparts a slight glow to the skin. It’s nothing like a highlighter or illuminator, though and does not come through my foundation.
So, this is a great, lightweight moisturizer that will suit a range of skin types. It’s also pretty economically priced for a department store brant. 2 oz. is basically twice the size of a regular foundation bottle, for reference and at $20 for that amount, this is definitely a steal. One thing that I found odd was that this does not come in a box. This is great from an environmental perspective, because it reduces waste. But I had to check with the Sephora SA a couple of times to make sure that the bottle I picked had not been used 😛 Bottom line, if you’re looking for a decent, lightweight moisturizer get this. You won’t notice a dramatic change in the texture and tone of your skin, but it does a great job at making your skin calm and keeping dryness and oil under control.

Pros of First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream

– Keeps skin moisturized all day long
– Keeps skin matte and oil under control
– No nasty chemicals, fragrance or dyes
– Lightweight, yet effective
– Doesn’t break me out

Cons of First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream

– Don’t expect it to change skin dramatically

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