First Date Makeup Tips

First Date Makeup Tips


Okay, I never went on any dates, I got married early and that was it, how boring! Going on dates must be so exciting, and for most girls, it might be a “dilemmatic” (there’s no such word :P) situation whether to wear bold red lips or just be pout pretty with n*de lips.  Hmmm, I have certain findings and I hope it might help you when you go on your first date.  In  most cases and dates – its first impression that’s the best impression, and emphasis lays on what you are gonna wear and which shoes to match, but equally important is to wear the right kind of makeup that won’t either make you look like a disco ball or make you look completely pale.  Here are some tips from me 🙂

1.  Prime it up:  To hold your entire makeup in place, you need to prime up your face with a good primer so that your foundation and makeup doesn’t melt down.

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2.  Refrain from using heavy foundation:

Go easy on the foundation, don’t use a heavy coverage foundation.  Tinted moisturizer is the best, moisturizes skin well and gives medium coverage, if CC cream suits you, pick that.  A foundation that cakes and gives you a whitish cast is a complete no-no.

3.  Pick MLBB or Neutral Lipsticks:


Actually, pick lipsticks that you are comfortable wearing, don’t go for bold red lips or dark shades if you are not too comfortable.  MLBB and neutral shades will be a safe choice, you can also go for peach or pink shades.

4.  Highlighting is okay, shimmer is not:


Using highlighter in the corner of your inner eyes and on certain points of your face is okay, but shimmering up is not so cool.  Go easy on shimmer, use highlighter only.

5.  Work on that pout:

Lip glosses that plum up your lips would work in your favour, glossy lip glosses are cool too.

6.  Blush Natural:


Pick up natural blushes that complement your skin tone and doesn’t look stark on you, soft blushes, peach, pink, mauve, brown are all good.

7.  Play Up Your Eyes:


That’s the stuff you should work most on, use lengthening and volumizing mascara, and use eyelash curler to give a dramatic effect.  No cat eyes and no spider lashes.  Basic winged eyeliner would also look good.  Just remember, he should not be able to take eyes off your eyes 😛

8.  Powder On:

Powder on your favourite compact or loose powder to set your makeup and it always adds a fresh look.

9.  Wear Neutral Eyeshadows:


Wear subtle and neutral eyeshadows, let your makeup look as natural as possible.

10.  Conceal if you have to:

Instead of using heavy foundation to cover up your blemishes or acne scars, conceal them with a good concealer. Even if you do not want to conceal, its okay, we all are humans, blemishes are okay!

That’s it from me, please feel free to add more points from your side 🙂

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16 thoughts on “First Date Makeup Tips

  1. Cute post Jomol – Im sure you had lovely dates post marriage!! 😉

    Seriously – its great to make an effort to make a first impression good. But ultimately, it doesn’t make a difference that you like to wear cocoa brown on your lips, even though he hates that colour, doesn’t matter that your eyeliner streaked down your face coz of the rain, no matter you got soaking wet! It could still be the best day of your life! *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  2. Fantastic tips 🙂
    i Remember, I just wore moisturiser, Kajal and tinted lip balm. Though i had blemishes dint cover those 🙂
    *nababana* probably he might have ignored :p he went crazy for my eyes and Lips and still he is *haan ji*

  3. aww.. I can slightly relate to u n understand hw it feels getting hitched even before u think of special one in ur life.. *woot* Though i ws nt a balika vadhu.. *hihi* bt I felt i ws too young to get married that too a person whom i never met.. *headbang* both of us nvr knew if date like word exists around.. *woot* Though we had a great date post wedding, as u knw hw it feels wen u r surrounded by crowd of relatives n family and u just want one moment to be wid ur hubby.. *shy* Ur tips r really great for every gal. I will keep them in mind whenever i feel like going for a post wedding post delivery date wid my better half on special occassions.. *hihi* *happydance* *happydance*

  4. hahaha very nice post but tell you what, i never bothered putting on make-up while we were together….there was no need at all… rofl

  5. Aaaaww jomol this is such a nice post *puchhi* .. I knw how important it is for a gal to look her best on her first date. *haan ji* . From dresses to shoes n makeup.. We always wanted everything to be perfect *pigtail* .. Loved reading the entire post.. *oye balle* I hope u had fun time post marriage with your hubby.. *happydance*

  6. Wow wish I had these wonderful tips 10 years back when me and my boyfriend (and now hubby) went on our first date. Doesn’t matter though, coz I know he had already fallen hook, line and sinker by then! *happydance*

  7. hee hee first date dressing is tricky – but i think makeup needs to be location specific….
    So bring on the red lips if you are going to a club ….
    If you are going out for dinner – opt for lip stains (so then dont disappear while you eat) or any eat-proof lip formula or just go for lip balm …. while playing up your eyes … Its horrid watching your lipstick disappear while you eat so that by the end of the date ur lips are bare or worse have that horrid ring of lipstick at the edge while the center is pale.
    If its just a coffee – the less make-up the better .
    Also day make-up vs night time make up. If you are going out for a lunch date, avoid anything shimmery …

  8. Awwwww how cuteeeeee *woot* *woot* *woot* the best things are the blush, mascara, lipstick or lip tints… they give such a dolly look *happy dance* *happy dance* *pompom* i used to dress up sooo much earlier when we use to go out.. *happydance* *happydance* *happydance* even now i dress up a lot and put loads of make-up but he is fine even if i don’t *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  9. Awwwww such a sweet post… lovin it *puchhi*

    Definitely use an eat proof and a kiss proof lippy…. *hifive* *jai ho* *devil*

  10. where were you jomo when i went on my first date rofl rofl rofl I cant recall what i wore on my first date *shock* *shock* but I think I would give all those who are planning to go on a first date. 😀

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