Fitness Alert: Mobile Phone Addiction

Fitness Alert: Mobile Phone Addiction


Hello everyone,

It’s been a long time since I wrote about Health and Fitness. My last Fitness article on IMBB was regarding importance of exercise in winters. Today I am throwing some light on a very serious issue which is faced by each and every single person at this point of time.

Many of us are having the latest gadgets with us in our handbags, pockets and of course at our homes and the best of all these gadgets is our MOBILE PHONE (cell phone), which has recently been renamed as SELL phone :-p if we see according to a certain advertisement on TV. Anyway jokes apart, I am here to discuss the issue of serious Smart Phone Addiction, we all are going through these days.


Do you realise unknowingly we are giving the maximum value to this gadget? Do you realise how many unseen and unnecessary problems we are facing because of this gadget?

Let me begin with: What is the last thing you look at before sleeping and the first thing you want in your hand when you get up in the morning?
The obvious answer is our Mobile Phone. This is one symptom to the Smart Phone Addiction.

Second: Don’t you get anxious for a brief moment when your phone has been plugged for charging?
Again, the obvious answer is Yes.

Third: Have you ever counted how many times do you check your cell phone everyday just to check if there are some notifications from anyone? And the funniest part is, even if our mobile is on general mode, still we check our phones to ensure we didn’t miss anything!
This is again a symptom to smart phone addiction.

OK, now the last one: Even if your phone is not vibrating, you still get the feeling that something is buzzing in the pocket. This is yet another symptom which cannot be ignored.

These are all things that we generally do not realise and ignore in spite of the fact that we feel them.


The very first example is: when we chat with someone, for a long duration our fingers start straining and we don’t want to type anything. This is the point where fingers start cramping. This is called as Text Claw, which occurs because of the above mentioned reason or because of your Candy Crush gaming addiction.

Also we hold our phones in a very peculiar way either with one hand or with both the hands, so that it becomes easier for us to text or type anything. This is known as Cell Phone Elbow.

The next effect is on our lovely beautiful eyes. Most of us turn off the lights during night time and start texting. But do you realise the light emitted to from our phones is directly effecting our eyes and thus causing them strain and blurring of vision?

Last but not the least; please think a bit for your neck too. After an entire day in front of computers at office, then TV at home and then late night slouching on bed and using your phones. Don’t you think it is over burdening our neck muscles?

So girlies, today I am not asking you to do some exercise nor am I asking you to run for a while to lose some weight. I am simply asking you to realise your Smart Phone Addiction and start working on the solution to get rid of it.


Here are few tips that you might find helpful:

  • Don’t make mobiles your first love. While you sleep, make sure it is a double hand distance from you. This formula works because once we are on bed, we get too lazy to get up and reach out to our phones.
  • Don’t let your social life disrupt your personal life. Take out some time for your friends, relatives and loved ones for which the easiest way is WatsApp, but do not indulge in the habit of continuous texting.
  • Try to turn off you internet before you sleep so that any buzzing doesn’t disturb you.
  • While in office, make sure you concentrate just on your work and check the mobile once in a while.
  • Do not type for long hours; rather give a call to the person you are chatting with.

Hope this post benefits you one or the other way. Loads of love. Stay happy and fit!!


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  1. This is really a very informative article Megha! Apt for today scenario where every one of us are so addicted to our mobiles.

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