How to Make Your Fitness Routine Fun

How to Make Your Fitness Routine Fun

Early morning workouts sound interesting and motivating but are a real pain to start and stick to. Though we all are well aware of its benefits yet we prefer to sleep then sweat out in the morning.

Workouts at the crack of dawn boost your metabolism and give you additional energy that can help you to be more productive throughout the day.

If you want to start off your morning routine with exercise then mentioned below are few tips that will help you make your fitness routine a little exciting to follow each day.

Tips to make your fitness routine fun:

• Vary your exercise pace and your route each morning so that you do not get bored following the same routing everyday. As soon as you feel your exercise routine becoming a rut, find something else to do. Choose activities you enjoy.

• Be realistic and choose the number of days you can commit to exercise. You don’t have to exert yourself everyday in the beginning. Pick the number of days and stick to them. In order to get maximum results, you should aim to work out four to six times a week for at least 30 minutes each time.

• If possible include your friends or family members. The idea is to include a person you love spending time with so that you do not feel bored while working out alone. Joining a group fitness classes is another option.

• Do not start with intense exercises in the beginning. Start with light exercise routine and feel comfortable and satisfied with it first before opting for a strenuous or intense workout routine.

• Take a chart and pen down every detail of your exercise routine for a month. In this way you’ll know what are you doing and what you want to do to get the desired results. Seeing your progress on paper can help motivate you to continue working out.

• Shop for stylish gym wear and accessories. One thing that I noticed is that when you look good you feel motivated and confident even when you are sweating like pig.

• Sleep well, try to get at least seven hours sleep the night before. If you’re well rested, you’ll be more motivated to follow through with your morning workout routine.

Also keep in mind not to go overboard with exercise. Listen to your body, allow it to rest and recover 1 or 2 days per week. If you don’t give your body some rest, you will burn out and get injured. Enjoy yourself and you will actually look forward to your workouts.

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12 thoughts on “How to Make Your Fitness Routine Fun

  1. wow..Era thanks for the tips..i totally agree with you on owning stylish gym surely boosts confidence.These tips will be very helpful and can be easily incorporated,,

  2. I am into regular wrk out. I quit heavy physical wrk out about 1 yr back due to certain ailments. but i make it a point to get to spot-jogging, rope-skipping and surya namaskar. it helps every way!

  3. I have recently got into the dance routine. It’s a lot of fun. Good fast music mostly Bollywood. I start with some warm up exercises for abt 10 mins and then do abt 30 mins of dance. I tend to get bored really quickly so will switch to brisk walking after 4 weeks just to keep the momentum going.

  4. On a totally unrelated topic – would any of u know where the forest essentials store in Bangalore is?

    (Didn’t find it on google so thought I’d ask here. Sorry :()

  5. I do yoga every morning for 40 minutes with my mom and then treadmill for 25 minutes. In the evening, I do some brisk walking at a local park!
    Totally love it 🙂
    Love your article Era 🙂

  6. Nice post Era! Very practical tips included!
    Getting stylish outfit for working out Does Matter a lot.. it changed the way I sued to feel about myself and also helped me workout more 🙂 n taking good sleep is another thing that I follow..

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