Five Quick-Fixes for Smooth and Healthy Lips

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Here are a few quick fixes, to achieve those soft, supple and healthy pink lips. All the ingredients are easily available at home, these home remedies are bound to give you, the much needed care for those lips. Let’s get started!!

Five Quick-Fixes for Smooth and Healthy Lips

Since our lips wear so much of product in the form of lipstick and lip balms, they are bound to form a lot of dead skin. So I have put together three scrubs and two natural healing masks to get smooth lips.

Coffee and Honey Scrub:

Five Quick-Fixes for Smooth and Healthy Lips

To get rid of all the dead skin, mix a teaspoon of ground coffee powder and half a teaspoon of honey, use this mixture to scrub your lips gently n circular motion for a couple of minutes and wash off with warm water. Follow up with a lip balm. Coffee exfoliates and brightens the lips while the honey acts as an anti-bacterial agent and also helps in reducing the pigmentation around the lip area, while keeping them moisturized.

Lemon and Sugar Scrub:

Five Quick-Fixes for Smooth and Healthy Lips

This one is a proven hack, it is an instant fix for healthy pink and smooth, supple lips, under 5 minutes. Take a lemon, cut it in to half, dip it in powdered sugar. Now rub the lemon over your lips in circular motions gently. Do this for 2-3 minutes very gently and wash off with normal water, you will find an instant difference in your lips, they will look brighter and pink. Follow up with a lip balm. While the sugar provides the gentle exfoliation, the lemon helps in getting rid of the pigmentation. You can use powdered sugar available in the market or you can use some of your own at home by grinding your regular sugar.

Toothbrush for Exfoliation:

Five Quick-Fixes for Smooth and Healthy Lips

This is probably the cheapest, easiest and the most instant remedy available if you want to get rid of dead skin and also want to add a little bit of natural plump to your lips. Take your regular clean toothbrush, wet it with water and gently rub over your lips for a minute. The gentle exfoliation gets rid of dead, chapped skin and also promotes blood flow, thus providing the plumping effect. Follow up with a lip balm.

Five Quick-Fixes for Smooth and Healthy Lips

Almond Oil and Lemon Juice Mask:

Mix a few drop of lemon juice in pure almond oil and apply a generous layer over the lips, let it sit on the lips for as long as you can, almond oil is known to provide a healthy shine and smooth texture to the skin, while lemon helps in getting rid of the pigmentation.

Ghee/Butter for Chapped Lips:

Use a small amount of ghee or homemade butter as a natural remedy for chapped lips and see the healing happen sooner than any other cream or cosmetics. Smear a small amount over night and wake up to healthier lips. The moisturising and calming properties of the ghee/butter promote healing of the chapped lips.

So these are a few remedies I use on and off depending on what my lips feel like, these are definitely easily accessible and work for sure. Hope you guys try these out.

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