How Do You Fix Foundation That Is Too Dark?

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How do you Fix foundation that is too Dark?

Being wrong with your foundation shade is quite common. This is a mistake which most of us girls make; we end up buying wrong shade of foundation. Since we have invested our time and money in it, we must find out ways to work around it. So, here are some quick tips and tricks which will help you to fix foundation that is too dark –

How Do You Fix Foundation That Is Too Dark

Ways To Fix Foundation That Is Too Dark

1. Tinted Moisturiser- A tinted moisturizer can do the job. But you must remember that you need to use heavy dose of tinted moisturizer. This will blend in with your dark foundation and overall balance the entire look.
2. Finishing Powder– A light shade of finishing powder not only adds shine and glow to your skin, but also helps to work with dark shade of foundation. Thus, if you apply finishing powder over the dark foundation as the final step then it will go a long way in fixing the darker shade of foundation.
3. Wet Sponge– You will be amazed to know that using fingers for applying your foundation will give a darker look to your face, instead use a wet sponge. This will give a much more uniform and brighter look to your face which can be a perfect quick fix to your dark foundation.
4. Use it as a concealer– The deal with dark foundation is that you need to use it in smaller quantities. You can use the dark foundation as a concealer also to hide blemishes and flaws on your skin.
5. As a bronzer– Dark foundation can also be worn as a bronzer. Apply powder foundation and then use the darker foundation as a bronzer along the jawline and on the bridges of your nose to get that sultry effect.
6. Summers– Dark foundation can also be used during summers. In summers you can enjoy the tanning effect on your skin and that is when your dark foundation will serve the purpose.
7. Blend Blend Blend– The key to make a wrong shade of foundation work is to keep it blending. Thus, with darker shade of foundation drag it down the neck line. This will have the perfect contouring effect and thus make your dark foundation work at the same time.
8. Try Colour Correctors– Colour Correctors are a perfect way to make your wrong shade of foundation work. Thus, in case you have darker shade of foundation use colour corrector to correct your makeup.
9. Work around with primer– Another strong way of working around with your darker shade of foundation is to dilute it with primer. Primer goes a long way in making your foundation lighter and will also add to dewy look of your skin.
10. Highlighter Game– What about using the dark foundation with your highlighter? Mix both of them together and apply it all over your face. This is perfect and will go a long way in making your foundation lighter.

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