7 Flattering Hairstyles to Conceal Greasy and Dirty Hair

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How many times do you wash your hair in a week? And what happens when you forget to wash hair? It is near impossible to move out with unwashed and dirty hair because our hair starts to become oily and greasy on the second day after washing. Usually, hair wash is skipped from mind due to the lack of time, but fortunately there are some cool hairstyles that we can carry even with our dirty hair. In today’s post, I shall list all those hairdos that will rescue your unwashed hair.

Greasy hairstyles

1. Classic French braid

french braid

I guess this is the only hairdo which can suit with any sort of outfit; no matter what your age is. The amenity of a classic French braid is not restricted to specified styles and looks. If you forgot to wash your hair, then a neat and tidy French braid will assist you to look nice. You can simply create a fine French braid even in oily or dirty hair.

2. Twists with textures

side pony

Twisted hairdos are very common now a day. Twisted hairdos look elegant and enticing when made perfectly. The best thing about greasy hair is that you do not need to settle hair with a serum or spray. Every hair strand stays under your control and you can create gorgeous hairstyles with basic twists. A normal low pony with side twists is a great example of this. By the way, how about a simple bun with stylish twist?

3. Side swept chignon

EasyTwist Updo

You will never find a better hairdo than a side swept chignon bun for dirty hair. Moreover, internet is loaded with images of celebrities with side swept chignons, which in a plain manner indicates that a not-so-dramatic chignon is indeed a chic choice for a general everyday look. Do not forget to highlight the side swept flick because it is a vital part of a chignon.

4. Bedtime braid to flaunt in the morning

waves with overnight braid

I do this thing at least twice a week because my scalp becomes oily at the second day of washing hair. I am going to share my greasy hairstyle routine here with everyone. Divide your hair in three equal parts and braid all these sections and now create a casual braid with these three different braids. It does not take more than 5 or hardly 10 minutes. Do it at the bedtime and then open your hair when getting ready in the morning. You are ready to flaunt lovely and slightly curly waves.

5. Marvelous milkmaid braid

milkmaid braid

Don’t worry, girls. Though the name of this hairdo is quite exciting, it shall not consume much time. Divide your hair in 4 equal sections. Take front sections and braid them separately. Now, take back sections and twist them up. Start wrapping these twisted sections around hair followed by wrapping of front braids after these twists.

6. Slight waves created by a hair straightener

flat iron curls

Take a section of your hair and wrap it around one side of hair straightener so that the hot iron touches hair. Wrap each strand for at least 10-15 seconds and then free your hair. Enjoy beautiful slight waves without using a curler.

7. Fierce and fantabulous top knot

top knot tutorial

If you have forgotten to wash your hair and do not have time to make any of these hairdos, go for a top knot and forget about your hair. It makes you look fierce and fab without any painstaking efforts. A perfect top knot takes hardly a single minute to resolve the dilemma of hairstyles in unwashed hair.

Unwashed hair is a drastic condition if you are in hurry and you have to go somewhere out. I hope these hairstyles will be helpful for any such situation.

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