5 Keywords to get Flawless Skin

Let’s face it none of us are comfortable with our skin. We are either too fair, or too tan, too much redness or too washed out. Noone likes the way their skin looks. There may be something or the other making our skin look NOT good. Read the article I wrote on the Seven Skin Sins . So here are 5 keywords you should remember to have flawless skin.


First of all care for your skin, if your skin has issues…deal with it! You heard me right. Find out measures that can help you deal with it. The basic step is to follow a skincare regime correct for your skin type, climate, preference, age etc. But make sure to follow a cleanse-tone-moisturize routine- before hitting the sack as nighttime is the best time for skin treatments. Always test out your products on your hand before it goes on your face. Apply the product on the inner part of your wrist, lather it or rub it in or whatever you are supposed to do, then wait over night to see if there are any irritations etc. only then use it. Never use harsh chemicals on your face. It would be awful if you go out with irritated skin and, as I have already said in my seven skin sins article, sun exposure can destroy your skin. Most suitable SPF is 30+ but use at least SPF 15 before going out and always be covered up during 11’0 clock to 3’0 clock.


Never ever share your makeup with anyone. Especially eye makeup shouldn’t be shared as this can lead to all kinds of infections. If you really really want to share a product, sanitize the product and the tool [hand or brush or sponge] before and after use with rubbing alcohol. If you are sharing lipstick use a sanitized brush. You can buy cheap brush kits containing basic five or six brushes and keep some of it in your vanity for such situations Sharing makeup is as serious as sharing your contact lenses. So be cautious. eye applicators source eco-friendly-disposable-make-up-brushes-lips-eyes- source Also even if you are only using the products, sanitize it frequently [I clean twice a month] with alcohol and clean your brushes every week except for foundation brushes which should be cleaned after every use. Not cleaning can produce oil buildup on compact makeup like pressed powder, blush, shadows, etc. Also don’t forget to chuck your makeup stuff after a while when the texture or smell changes [see an article here about the Sanitization of Makeup Products



Fairness-Cream I am not telling about a particular brand, fair &lovely’s was the only picture I could find. Love the skin you are in. In case of Caucasians, they damage their skin by trying to look “healthy” that is, tan by using tanning beds, tanning sprays and sunbathing. Sunbathing without sunscreen damages the skin to a level beyond repair. tanning_bed_3 But in our country, it’s a whole other situation .Here ,we are trying to be fair than our original skin tone, trying to remove tan is fine, but trying to go lighter than you naturally are, will never make you more pretty and all these fairness creams which have  results will have some kind of side effects. There are many amongst ourselves who crave to be fairer ,I know I did, but I accepted that I can only be as fair as I naturally am so I just try to remove my tan rather than lighten my skin to match Kareena Kapoor’s skin color. Also bleaching your skin frequently will destroy the quality of your skin. sexy-bipasha-basu-non-nude-27 Bipasha Basu is the best example of someone who loves the skin she is in. But being a celebrity, many advertisement people Photoshop her pictures to make her look like the following picture and in my opinion it makes her less pretty.She looks more gorgeous in her dusky avatar. Bipasha Basu Instead of all this, try to make the tone of your skin improve, try to make it more, soft smooth and supple by taking adequate care of it by eating the correct diet, removing toxins by working out, following a skin care regime etc. that is where the true roots of prettiness lays.


I said about this in my previous post and I am saying it again, working out can not only makes you healthier, and burns all those carbs, but also it can improve your skin by providing more flow of blood to all over the body including your skin. But the most important benefit is that it makes you feel good…And that is what matters the most. I am telling this to all of you to motivate myself also because I have been lazy for the last month and have made excuses and told no anyone else, but myself  that I have too much to study to workout. But here’s the deal-working out can help you improve in all aspects, it makes you more alert and gives you more energy to study and work. You don’t have to join a gym or anything. Do what is comfortable to you-if you live in an area where you can go jogging or power walking at morning in a public place, do that. Sadly, I live in Kerala and that is not something I can do, so my favorite ways of working out is skipping with a jump rope, dancing to my favorite Hindi [I recommend getting everybody on the dance floor version of your favorite songs] and English songs singing along with it helps me get higher breath control for my singing. So get out there and work out your way to better skin. [I would also like to say that our very own Jomol is setting us a good example as she has been walking 3kms a day for the past few days, so way to go Jomol!]


This is the most important part of these keywords. You need let your skin breathe once in awhile. Give your skin a day off from makeup, pollution, sun exposure and even oily food and give time for it to breathe once in a week. green tea Sundays are the days where most of us are free, so let it be the off day for your skin too. Wake up bright and early like all days, make yourself a nice cup of green tea, or if you don’t like its taste, take some warm water, add lemon juice and honey and drink that. Both cleanses your body from toxins. Work out for some time, eat a healthy breakfast rich in fiber [raw fruits are my pick], then take a shower. Do your daily chores, and if you have to run errands, push the long ones to the next day and just do simple ones, remember this is your day off. Then when you get home, apply hair mask, face mask, soak your feet in warm water- whatever relaxes you- for sometime then take a good bath and use a light weight moisturizer and only apply makeup and/or any other skin care product if you have to. This can relax you and your skin, and give both of you [J] time to be ready to fight with the daily struggles you have to face. I hope this post helps, you guys to get the motivation to make your skin and yourself better. P.S. sorry for being MIA for a while, was busy with school work, had a midterm this week. I won’t be able to make articles frequently until, at least I am done with 10th grade, but I will try to write as much as possible.

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24 thoughts on “5 Keywords to get Flawless Skin

  1. You know Fathima, such basic things an we always tend to ignore them. I also agree that Bipasha looks hotter in her dusky complexion.

    Thanks for a big bang reminder. I think i will take a print out of this and stick it in my room…Really! 🙂

    :-* :-*

    1. thanks hun!!!I am flattered that it was a reminder to u.. :-* :-* :-* :-* and oh!! i am doing a review on my personal blog for Loreal 6h lipgloss check it out ok?will be up 2morrow or later today!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Great post Fathima.

    I am guilty of not doing #4 enough 🙁

    One more thing I would add – eat the right food, lots of fruits and vegetables and balanced meals, again something I am guilty of not doing enough 🙁

  3. Hey Pathu….great one….really appreciate the “warning” note on Fair and Lovely. Though our entire country is obssessed with Fair and Lovely, I am not…I am scared thinking about how Fair and Lovely is going to affect all the people who are using it currently. Many people who have been using fair and lovely for a long time have ended up with hyperpigmented skin because of the bleaching agents in this particular cream. I have come across 3 to 4 people with hyperpigmented problematic skin due to fair and lovely ka side effect…… :no:

    1. my dad used to warn me when i was smaller when i wanted to become fairer..dat fair and lovely contains some kind of thingie[*intelligent word*] that peels of a light layer of epidermis,showing the fairer one underneath it…that made me so scared that i wont even use it on my hands…. :pain:
      .-= fathima´s last blog ..MissKC027 contest entry for July =-.

  4. Fathima I LOVED your post. Good job!
    No amount of makeup or products in the world can make up (:P) for what you’ve mentioned here…!
    Also, how how does Bips look in that first picture…She’s working it!

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