Flormar Waterproof Eyeliner Review

Flormar Waterproof Eyeliner Review

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Today, I am going to review Flormar’s Waterproof Eyeliner in Shade No 103.  Not many of you might have heard of this brand. Well, Flormar is a Turkish cosmetic company. It has over 800 cosmetic products trying to cater to the needs of every woman.

Flormar Waterproof Eyeliner Review

I always prefer a lot of kohl on my eyes. I like to have some intense makeup on the eyes and keep the rest of the face mostly subtle. So, there is no wonder that I buy a lot of eyeliners and kohls and other eye makeup products. I was looking for a very cheap eyeliner at a cosmetic store when the SA there showed this to me. I tried it on my hand, and though I did not find it smooth and creamy, it was pretty alright.



Very cheap at Rs. 110

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The SA told me that this has a very high staying power and also that it is waterproof. I picked this in the shade No. 103 which is a normal blue.  The day after I bought it, I wore it to my college and after almost 8 hours, I came back home and this is how it looked on my eyes.


As I cannot put too much of makeup to college, I just lined my eyes with the eyeliner and I don’t think it looks that bad even after a very tiring day. You can see that it hasn’t smudged much. It has tried to stay in its place mostly, which I like 🙂


The packaging is not really catchy in anyway, it looks too normal. But of course for the price that you are paying you really cannot expect a Monalisa painting to be printed on it! 😛  It is pretty waterline safe and does not sting the eyes or anything of that sort.



Pros of Flormar Waterproof Eyeliner:

  • Great price. I would never mind picking up two or three of these.
  • Does not smudge on the eyes.
  • Very good staying power.
  • Waterproof.
  • Waterline safe.
  • Fairly pigmented color.

Cons of Flormar Waterproof Eyeliner:

  • Might take some effort to apply it because its texture is not really creamy or smooth.
  • Very ordinary packaging.
  • Wastage of product because it has to be sharpened.
  • Availability is a problem.

Final Word:

To conclude, I must say you would never regret having this in your vanity. If you ever happen to find this, then pick this without any hesitation. Though it is a job to apply, its cheap, waterproof and smudgeproof and stays for long. So, you could surely pick this up to be used on a a daily basis, to work or to college.

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