Flower Inspired Creative Makeup, Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case, MUFE Waterblend Face & Body Foundation Review

Hi Everyone, 🙂
Here’s another creative makeup look I did today. It is inspired by the red flower pic I came across a few days back.It’s a very easy look. It’s just yellow eyeshadow on top and red at the bottom of the yes. But I liked how it turned out to be.Hope you like it too. 🙂 Have a happy Sunday all of you. 🙂

flower inspired makeup

red yellow flower inspired makeup look

red yellow flower inspired makeup look creative

editorial makeup look inspired by flower

Products Used:
Benefit Porefessional
MUFE Waterblend Foundation
NARS Creamy Concealer
Tom Ford Bronzer
Dior N*de Blush
Red cream color used as a base for blush from MUFE Flash Palette
the Balm Mary Loumanizer
Eyes :
Red and yellow colors used as a base from MUFE Flash Palette. Also used red color as eyeliner on waterline
Red ( S742, ME744) and yellow (ME400, S402, M408, D410) eyeshadows used from MUFE Palettes
Estee Lauder Mascara

Mixed Sugar Lipsticks in Scarlett O Hara and Coraline in the City


Inspiration pic

Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case Review (Price USD99 / INR6700 approx) : I have heard so much about the MUFE Flash Palette but never really got my hands on it. But since I do creative crazy makeup looks now, I cannot stop using it. It is a 12 colors flash palette that you can use to create any possible color in the world just by mixing and matching. Just any color. It is a very creamy and pigmented product so you need very little of it in one go. You can use it as an eyeshadow base, to create foundation, to color correct, to create blush, to create shimmery blush, eyeliner, lip colors.. I mean the possibilities are endless.MUFE has a list of 30 ways you can use this palette. You may check out the possibilities HERE. This palette is insane and once you have it, it opens a world of possibilities for you. But it is not a very stable product in my opinion. It is water resistant but not waterproof. Also, it creases very badly on the lids. But is an excellent layering product when it comes to blush and lip color. Also, I use the peach shade quite often as a corrector for my under eyes but I make sure to set it properly.  This product does not dry as such. It’s like your cream base and then you layer it on with your powder products. But I use it for my creative makeup looks all the time. On a day to day basis, I don’t use it much. But now that I have it, I would always have it.  If you are makeup artist, you HAVE to have this in your kit. You can do so many editorial looks with this. Plus you don’t have to buy every shade of foundation or concealer or blush, lipstick that is out there. You can totally mix and match, add to your regular products and create magic with this. There are two types of flash palettes available. One is this colorful one and other one has more neutral/ skin tones shades. With a product like this, sky is your limit. It totally depends on what you do with it. You would either get obsessed with it because it offers you endless possibilities. Or you would hate it because it is very creamy and esp with eye makeup, it sometimes ruins the look because it creases. So it is best you prep and prime and then work with it. I would totally call it a PRO product because for regular people, I don’t think you really need it. I personally love it and as I create more makeup looks, you would keep seeing it in my looks. 🙂 That said, I still think they can improve the formula and make it more stable. It would only make it a more excellent product. Rating : 4/5
Some possibilities on how you can use this :
Mix brown+ white +peach to create a foundation color. If you have more yellow undertone, add a bit of yellow.
Mix pink with gold to create a shimmery blush
Use black as a base your your smokey eye
Mix peach + pink + red to create a gorgeous coral(y) lip color..

I would really go on… 🙂 My two tips would be –  to use in thin layers because it is insanely pigmented and you only need little color each time. And don’t dip your brush in the palette. Use a spatula or back of your brush to take the product out. This is cream and if you don’t take care of it, it would get contaminated very quickly.
mufe-flash-12-color-palette-review mufe-flash-12-color-palette-1 mufe-flash-palette-review Swatches :mufe-flash-12-color-palette-swatches

Make Up For Ever Waterblend Face & Body Foundation Review(Price : USD43/ INR2900 approx) : If you are looking for a sheer, lightweight, my-skin-but better foundation, this is your product. It is very much in line with MAC Face and Body foundation and Laura Mercier Candlelight Foundation. Umm.. if I really really have to pick one, I would pick this one but all three are pretty good. I just like the gel-like texture of this one better and I feel the finish is nicer. It comes in 20 shades and shades are based on undertones – Y for yellow undertone and R for red undertone. I am MAC NC35 for reference and I use the shade Y405 Golden Honey. It is pretty close match to my skintone. In a foundation such as this it is okay even if you don’t get the very exact shade because it is sheer. It is pretty much a color correcting foundation that is very invisible on the skin. Your skin pretty much shows through it. You could layer it up. Use the second layer once the first layer dries a bit. But still it does not add much coverage. It is supposed to be light coverage and that’s what it is . This foundation is 80% water based so it’s a blessing for someone with normal to dry skin. I think it is a great foundation for all skin types because is more like adding that little natural glow to the skin with a bit of color correction. I also use it as a final layer over a medium/ full coverage foundation to get the benefit of that soft dewy glow on the skin. And if you have a model-esque skin, this is your best friends. Because you just need that little finishing touch to the skin. It is very long lasting and totally transfer resistant. I have worn it for good 7-8 hours and that it pretty much has lasted. It also does not accentuate pores / accentuate any dry patches. Personally for me it is my second layer of foundation on top of another foundation. On its own, I am never really satisfied with the sheer coverage it offers. It has a gel-water texture that blends seamlessly on the skin.The beauty blender would make it even sheerer.I would recommend that you use brush with this than a beauty blender. And take your time in blending it because the formula is thin can get streaky. Although MUFE recommends that you use a sponge. You could still try and see what works for you. I barely have to powder this foundation because my dry skin does not need it. Plus it does not have any crazy shine or slip that I have to set it. You can also use it on your body because it does not transfer.  I have used this foundation in today’s look on its own. Rating : 4.5/5

mufe-waterblend-foundation-review mufe-waterblend-foundation Swatch of shade Y405 – Golden Honey (notice the thin texture and sheer finish)mufe-foundationy405


12 thoughts on “Flower Inspired Creative Makeup, Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case, MUFE Waterblend Face & Body Foundation Review

  1. Wow! What a fascinating and creative flower makeup look. You look like an Asian Nymph, so very beautiful, sensuous and glowing with the colours you have used so well. Loved your base foundation extremely!??

  2. U look stunnnnning…… Straight out of some fashion magazine… Ur skin looks fab… And m straight away going home and mixing coraline and scarlet on my lips..Will be my substitute till I don’t lay my hands on TF flame…Mufe pallette is great.. So many uses… Superb colors…MUFE I am using Ultra HD foundation would like to give this one a try after that…

  3. Love how you got all the colors from the flower, even down to the deep dark red of the unopened disk florets 🙂 The colors look so beautiful on your pretty face :* :* Keep the creative work coming 🙂

  4. Really enjoying these creative looks Rati! When someone is having fun doing what they are doing – i guess it shines through! Would have loved to try my hand at one of these but i don’t think I’m in that space right now…long way to go for me! Still, i can continue to stare at the pics and take inspiration from them. You go Girl!!

  5. This is soo beautiful Ratidi.. You are actually looking like a bright spring flower. I am planning to buy a bright eteshadow palette soon. Will try the sunset makeup…It looked so blissful 🙂

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