Flower Le Parfum by Kenzo Review

Flower Le Parfum by Kenzo

A friend of mine would constantly wear this perfume and that is how I got introduced to it. I have a way of associating scents with people I know. Now, every time I spritz it on myself, I feel like she is somewhere around me. The fragrance comes with a different name for different volumes of the same. The 75 ml is called Satin spray, the 50 ml that I have is Natural spray and the 15 ml, Just a Drop.

The claim: A woman meets a poppy. On contact, she turns into a fairy. Together, they enchant the city, put a smile on people’s face, make the world more beautiful. Such is the power of this singular, activist, fragile yet strong flower.

Price: Rs. 5492 for 50 ml.
Olfactive notes:
Top notes: opoponax resin, almonds, violet and rose.
Base notes: amber, vanilla and white musk.

My experience with Flower Le Parfum by Kenzo

This is the only second perfume that I know of that smells the same from the moment you spritz it on till when the scent dies out. The other one being Diesel Plus Plus Feminine (reviewed here). It also smells the same on everyone. It smells what it smelt like my friend on me and loads others who’ve tried them on.It HAS a satiny smell. Yes, that’s right, a satiny smell. Just like the 75 ml name suggests, but the 50 ml has the same too. So, the ingredients come out with the satiny feel. I can mostly smell the opoponax resin, the almonds, the vanilla and milk (which is not a part in the notes). Opoponax is said to have medicinal powers and is of three kinds. The one used here is perfumery opoponax. The almonds smell like almond flakes over whole almonds. The vanilla is very light and the milk, that I can smell, is like cold milk. The rose, the amber and the violet, I still haven’t read in the perfume. Okay, this might be weird, but it reminds me of a baby’s clothes, as well in a mature way, if that’s possible.
The scent concoction is mild, but the projection is very strong. You could smell it from your wrist even when you take an arm’s length. Thus, the sillage of this perfume is as BIG as BIG can get. Most around you can smell it, even at a good distance.The perfume lasts for the longest period after Estee Lauder’s Beautiful and Dior’s Miss Dior, a good 7-8 hours on me, easily. The smell does not reduce or tone down or change in all these long hours.

Thus, it makes a good occasional as well as a casual perfume. You could wear it and smell like you have freshly worn the fragrance all throughout and for long hours at a time. Great, isn’t it? The design of the bottle has its perks and losses. The bottle is a beautifully structured opaque red colour with a single poppy on it.However the opaque bottle makes it hard to realize how much of the perfume is left. The cap is a sturdy one, very effective. The atomizer is a bit sudden. Almost like when someone holds a balloon in front of you and tries to burst .


Pros of Flower Le Parfum by Kenzo

1. Unique satin feel of the essence.
2. The sillage is huge!
3. The longevity is *jai ho*
4. The structured bottle!
5. Can be worn anywhere.

cons of Flower Le Parfum by Kenzo

1. Opaque bottle! That’s it!
IMBB rating: 4.9/5(the only con being the reason why it’s not a 5).
Will I purchase it again? Mine has almost run out, I feel (shake the bottle to realize :-/). *running* to get another.

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5 thoughts on “Flower Le Parfum by Kenzo Review

  1. I got the Kenzo flower eau de parfum recently….its the same shape with a flower design…..it doesn’t smell that great though *nababana*

    1. this one is really really concentrated and the smell is so different. its very hatke, something that you barely find nowadays, it’s all fruity or flowery, even worse some smell like shampoos. and good brands too. this is like a standout. also this and the flower edp/edt by kenzo has different notes.

    2. the notes are different on this and yours. this one smells really unique, unlike the fruity or floral or worse, shampoo smelling ones.

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