Fluro Fashion is Back!

Fluro Fashion

fluro fashionGet Bold and Bright with Fluro

The fact that fluro, the fashion of the 80s, is returning to the fashion scene means its time to add some nostalgic, yet bold bright colours to your style? Time to go to the future from the past… or back to the future. Either way – Fluro fashion is back and I can’t see it disappearing anytime soon! So forget the neutrals and get those Cyan bright blues, lime greens, yellows, hot pinks and oranges. 🙂

I am guessing that there will be some people who keep fluro clothing as an 80s costume idea, only! But the new millennium has seen a steady increase in fluro – and it’s showing no signs of slowing down, so it’s time to get on board the neon night train and brighten up your life.

fluro fashionFluro clothing started to become very big in 1984, about the same time that  Madonna moulded her look, and  from there the eighties were increasing with popularity and making its stand in fashion. Just the year before was when the hit movie Flashdance was topping the charts with “ What A feeling” from Irene Cara  in all it’s “fluro neon fashion glory”!

The 80’s fashion was all about people trying to identify themselves and express their inner wild child differently to the others. Men grew long hair, wore heavy make up and were rocking the leather jackets, while the women wore short hair, layers of clothing and soaked their lips in bright lipstick. There were the plain white t-shirt craze with a cute 80’s designed picture on the front , highlighted in fluro, with high waisted acid wash jeans, and the total look of all was the bright fluro leg warmings, fluro tightslyrca tights and not to forget the wheels, Roller skates. 1980s clothing styles are back on the shelves now, and down the runway with many of the top designers. So what makes these eighties fashions for women endure the test of time and still survive?

Today’s fashion is all about a quick-fix, simply, quick, easy and effortless. And this was the attitude and style of the eighties, even if the hair do’s took up tiredness amounts of time. With today’s fashion top designers are trying to be bold, effortless and appeal different to their competition, so what other era could they invade? The eighties fashion not only pops up on the runway but also in music videos. Hip-hop has brought back bright colors and flurobold patterns since 2009. Artists like Rihanna, and now Lady Gaga have pushed boundaries and reinvented a newer, modern 80s look. Where ever we look now the eighties fashion is booming, especially when the weather is heating up. Coloured tights, mutiple belts, bright bold socks, micro minis, tie and batwing tops are back!

So even if you didn’t endure the totally awesomeness of this decade we still have hope and the chance today to rock out in out 80s get up and feel proud. So if you haven’t started your 80s collection then get out there this summer and get your hands on a pair of Raybans, some neon leggings and why not throw on a statement white t-shirt with a bold fluro design?

Finally, it’s always good to remember that not all eighties trends like huge shoulder pads, sweat – head bands and poodle perms should be brought forward, its probably best left back in the era they were created!

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13 thoughts on “Fluro Fashion is Back!

  1. I like bright Fuchsia and turquoise colors…..hot pink r nice
    I like such fluoro accessories….like bags, clutches, hair clips :yahoo:

  2. I dont know about the colour but Ray Bans are def getting a place in my wardrobe this summers. :toothygrin: Thanks for the article Emma. Enjoyed reading it. :waytogo:

  3. Nice article Emma! I just purchased some fluro tees for the summers.. :yahoo: fluro accessories will look really cute. Even the makeup trends for the spring/summer this year have a lot of bright orange, lime and turquoise blue.

  4. i love love lov tiouc of neons in my outfit..especialy shoes or bags…. 😀 im sooo hapyyy this fashion is back!!! :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

    great post emma!!! :)) :)) :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

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