Fogg Imperial Fragrance Body Spray Review

Fogg Imperial Fragrance Body Spray

Hi ladies,

I shall be reviewing a deodorant which I purchased recently. Like I have always been mentioning that I get bored of the same fragrance so I experiment a lot with my deo’s. This time I picked up Fogg, I was curious to try a product which claimed to have no gas and only liquid thereby promising 800 sprays. I have been using it on and off and this is how it fared:

Fogg Imperial Fragrance Body Spray (1)

Price/ Qunatity: INR 180 for 120 ml


Ethyl Alcohol, Perfume, DEP, Propylene Glycol, Triclosan.

My take on Fogg Imperial Fragrance Body Spray :

Packaging: It comes in a blue coloured can which has a white cap. I have no qualms with the packaging because the cap is tight and would not come off on its own so I can carry it in my purse easily. It also has ruler like markings on one side indicating the number of sprays but I fail to understand the purpose of the same. As it is, it is an aluminium can which is totally opaque so no one can come to know the quantity used or still left inside.

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Fragrance: I may sound dumb but I actually picked it up without sniffing at the counter. The fragrance in one word can be described as “ soapy”. It actually has a wierd smell which lingers for quite a long time. It had an initial outburst of a very strong fragrance which settled down to a less stronger fragrance. All in all it wasn’t pleasant at all.

body spray

Efficacy: I had applied it on my body as well as clothes. It dint stain my clothes but on my bare skin it stung like hell which I am attributing to the presence of alcohol. Also , since there is no gas the deodorant does not get spread evenly in and around the under arm area. . I had to keep spraying it one by one at 5-6 different areas unlike other deodorants where one press of the button is enough. I could smell the fragrance for a good 4-5 hours which makes the fragrance long lasting but it just does not smell good. It did not control my sweat and I was sweating even profusely.

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Summarizing the pros and cons,

Pros of Fogg Imperial Fragrance Body Spray :

1. Packaging is travel friendly.
2. Does not leave any white stains when sprayed directly on clothes.

fogg deos

Cons of Fogg Imperial Fragrance Body Spray :

1. It smells highly of a soap which may make you nauseous.
2. It contains alcohol and triclosan. Some people may be allergic to triclosan.
3. It stung my underarms. People who have sensitive skin should avoid it.
4. You need to keep spraying just like a perfume. It does not come out as one fresh burst of fragrance.

Will I repurchase/ recommend Fogg Imperial Deodorant ?

No, I will not . It stings, smells bad and contains alcohol.

IMBB Rating:

2 out of 5

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  1. *thankyou* Jomol the other two variants which have been reviewed here have got thumbs up, I guess this one is an exception……still u sniff at the counter. *haan ji*

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