10 Food Items That Prevent you from Losing Weight

“How to lose weight” is probably the most-searched query on google and why not, each one of us would like to shed some weight from here and there, a little belly fat, back fat, or just wanna lose some puppy fat, “weight loss” is always on our mind. While we have covered a myriad of articles dealing with weight loss, in this post, we would like to draw your attention to a list of 10 food items that prevent you from losing weight so that you can chuck them right out of your diet right away. Take a look:

Food Items That Prevent you from Losing Weight

1. White Bread: White bread is a staple breakfast item for a lot of people out here. We make our sandwiches, pakoras and what not out of it. However, we would like to mention that one slice can contribute to around 75 calories to your diet and when you add mayonnaise and other carb-rich food, the calories go up further. Most importantly, white bread is made of refined flour which is a highly processed food item that is completely devoid of any nutrient value and adds only calories to the body, so switch to brown bread or multi-grain bread as soon as possible.

2. Ice cream: Whether it’s summer, fall or chilly winters, ice-creams are always tops the list of our favorite food items, but don’t be shocked, but a small cup of favorite ice cream can have up to 267 calories! Say no to ice cream if you want to slim down.

3. Fruit juices: Though fruits are powerhouses of vitamins and nutrients, they can add more calories and less fiber when compared to eating them as whole fruit. So, stop juicing your fruits, consume them as it is.

4. White rice: It’s the main culprit in your weight gain story because 130 calories per one cup is usually the count, but it’s noteworthy that white rice also has high glycemic index which means it raises your sugar levels really quickly. The best replacement to white rice is brown rice or foxtail millet.

5. Sweets and Candies: Another main set of food items that totally prevent you from losing weight are sweets and candies due to their high glycemic value. Sorry, there’s no replacement for sweets and candies, totally avoid them.

6. Cold drinks: Aerated drinks and colas add empty calories to the body with absolutely no nutrient value, totally avoid them like plague.

7. Fried food: French fries and deeply fried food like French fries can add up to a whopping 312 calories per 100 gm, do we need to explain more why you need to avoid deeply fried food.

8. Potatoes: Switch to sweet potatoes instead of regular ones because potato is a high-carb vegetable with high glycemic value whereas on the other hand, sweet potatoes have low glycemic value.

9. Mayonnaise: Don’t be shocked but that tasty mayonnaise on your sandwich has up to 680 calories which not only prevents you from losing weight, it would lead to weight gain.

10. Table salt and sugar: Sugar spikes blood sugar levels instantly and table salt on the other hand, leads to water retention and weight gain on the scale. A good replacement for table sugar is stevia and table salt is Himalayan salt.


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