14 Foods that Actually Make you More Hungry

It’s quite common to have hunger pangs at 4 pm everyday, but what if you are feeling hungry through the day, sometimes half an hour after having a heavy breakfast. It would surprise you if we told you some foods can actually make you hungry and asking for more. While we can blame the hunger hormone “ghrelin” for keeping us perpetually hungry, there’s more to our hunger pangs than just a rise in this hormone. The food we choose to eat on a daily basis can be the main culprit why the hunger just refuses to subside and that’s why it’s important to follow healthy diet programs like Rati Beauty, to not lose weight but also to get proper eating habits in place. In this post, we would list out 14 foods that actually make you more hungry by disrupting your satiety index.

Foods that actually make you more hungry

Ghrelin – the Hunger Hormone:

Ghrelin is also called the hunger hormone because it triggers appetite and when someone says, they have a “huge appetite,” they have high levels of ghrelin. This hormone is secreted by the stomach, brain, and pancreas. When you have high ghrelin levels, you feel constantly hungry, unable to feel full even after having a large meal. When you are in a fasting state – Usually, when you take lesser calories than the body burns leads to production of this hormone. Therefore, women should consume at least 1200 calories per day and men should take 1500 calories per day. Refined sugar, particularly food stuff with fructose can trigger the production of ghrelin.

What Factors Spike up your Hunger?
1. Refined carbs and simple carbs are easy to digest and cause sharp spikes in insulin levels and faster slumps in blood sugar, which means you are hungry back again relatively sooner.

2. Low-fiber food do not have any satiety factor and cause insulin spike and drop rapidly, and another reason why you feel hungry all the time.

3. Low-fat food is wrongly marketed as “healthy,” but such food products can actually leave you asking for more because they come packed with loads of sugar to make up for the lack of fat content, and they can cause hunger pangs.

4. Liquid calories such sports drinks, energy drinks have empty calories with hardly any nutritional value, and without satiating hunger.

5. Food high in salt: When we consume high-salt food, it leads to dehydration and most people may think they are hungry, when actually, they are just thirsty.

6. Food low in protein: It’s a known fact that high-protein food leaves you fuller for longer and when there is no protein in your diet, you would feel hungry too often.

7. Processed Food: In processed food, all fiber is stripped with zero fat or fiber content. What remains is sugar, transfat, and unhealthy fat. Processed food cause sharp rise in insulin and quick slump in blood sugar levels, and this decline in blood sugar, makes us hungry all over again.

14 Foods that Actually Make you More Hungry:

1. Natural fruit juices – You may think fruit juices that you make at home is healthy, yes, they are healthy, but not healthy as eating a raw fruit. All that juice that you squeezed is without any precious fiber now which is what keeps you fuller for longer. When you decide to juice your apples rather than eating it just the way it is, you are drinking sugar in liquid form which would spike up blood sugar levels and quickly lower it out, making you hungry in a little while.

2. Flavoured Greek Yogurt: There are two factors coming into play here – there’s no food to chew and it’s interesting to know that the process of chewing actually helps to increase the satiety factor. Also flavoured yogurt has a lot of added sugar which spikes up insulin levels by a great degree.

3. White Pasta: We all love pasta, but white pasta has empty calories without any fiber or protein content, and when you reach out for snacks right after eating a plateful of pasta, you know whom to blame.

4. Potato chips: It’s an easy guess here, but do you know the high salt content can leave you dehydrated and you would feel thirsty and hungry at the same time.

5. White bread: It’s a tasty and easy breakfast option but white bread is made from refined flour which is bad news for your gut and hunger too.

6. White rice: It’s better to switch to brown rice because white rice has high glycemic index which means it causes insulin to rise rapidly, leaving you hungry a short time after you consume it.

7. Egg whites: Eggs are extremely healthy, but without the yolk, you are missing out the healthy fat and protein content, which would keep you fuller for longer.

8. Sugar-free Breakfast cereals: Just like white bread, breakfast cereals that come in boxes are an easy breakfast option but definitely not a healthy one, because they have low fiber, protein content, and have artificial sweeteners which anyway do cause insulin spikes.

9. Doughnuts: Yummy but they do not satisfy your hunger for longer with refined flour and sugar content.

10. Diet soda: Diet soda has artificial sweeteners and empty calories which trick your brain to start the digestion process. When the tummy thinks it’s going to receive food, it just receives artificial sugar which it actually cannot process, and that leads to you feeling extremely hungry.

11. Granola: Whoever told you granola is healthy has educated you wrong because granola is usually has sugar, puffed rice, honey, and other sweeteners which cause sharp spikes in insulin levels and then steep falls as well, leaving you asking for more.

12. Noodles with monosodium glutamate: Monsodium glutamate can trigger a host of health problems like diabetes, glucose intolerance, and many hormonal disorders. It can trick your brain by providing the body with empty calories which do not get processed by the stomach and there’s no satiety factor.

13. Chewing gum: Chewing gum, even the sugar-free ones, can trigger the digestion process by activating the salivary glands. The stomach may think that food is coming and when there is no food, it would make you feel hungrier.

14. Sugar-free food: Sugar-free snacks are selling like hot cakes, but they are equally bad as the sugary delights because they most probably have artificial sweeteners which our bodies are unable to process and you would remain hungry even after consuming them.

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