8 Foods to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

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In this post, I would primarily be talking about super foods that can help to grow hair faster and quickly. Growing beautiful, long and lustrous hair is like a dream come true for all of us. With innumerable remedies and methods available in the market which can help to make your hair grow faster, we have tried all of them, right ladies? Well, one easy way to boost hair growth by consuming healthy foods that can boost your hair growth. Just like your skin, your hair is also affected by the nutrients you consume. So, here we mention you foods that can help to boost hair growth and promote beautiful hair.

8 Foods to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

1. Eggs: Eggs are not only healthy for your body, they are great for your hair as well. Egg contains a high amount of zinc and potassium and they play a major role in strengthening hair follicles and to repair broken hair tissues. Consuming eggs can also help in the promotion of cell reproduction. Experts say that eggs also help to maintain the oil secreting glands, thus preventing hair fall outs.

2. Sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes are known for their naturally sweet flavor. Due to high dosage of beta carotene in it, sweet potatoes are touted to help your hair grow faster. Also, it contains a high amount of Vitamin A which helps to strengthen hair follicles thus preventing brittle hair. Sweet potatoes are excellent for dry hair as it helps to maintain the hydration and moisturisation on the scalp.

vitamin E for hair growth

3. Salmon: Salmon is one of the healthiest food available in the market which is good for your body, skin, and hair. Salmon is loaded with a high amount of proteins and Vitamin D which promotes healthy scalp and hair. Salmon also contains hair growth supporters like omega 3 fatty acids that helps in preventing hair breakage and also promotes smooth and shiny hair. Consume salmon at least thrice in a week to get healthy hair.

4. Avocados: If you are struggling to overcome the issue of hair fall quickly, then consider consuming more avocados. In order to prevent hair fall and promote healthy hair, include avocado in your daily routine. Avocado contains antioxidants which prevent free radicals from causing hair fall. Also, avocados are essentially rich in fatty acids which prevent hair breakage. Vitamin B and E promotes extra shine to your hair thus giving you lustrous hair.

5. Almonds: Almonds are probably the healthiest nuts in the market which would help you in getting long, stronger and thicker hair. Almond is a storehouse of Vitamin B7 or biotin which plays a major role in strengthening the hair follicle and preventing fall outs. In particular, consuming almonds regularly can help to promote healthy hair cells which promote thicker and healthier hair. You can see the results in one month after regular consumption of nuts.

Sunflower seeds and almond

6. Sunflower seeds: Looking for longer, stronger and lustrous hair? Consider consuming sunflower seeds regularly. Sunflower seeds can help promote hair growth easily. Sunflower seed contains a high amount of biotin and selenium which helps boost circulation, thanks to vitamin E and B present in it. Take a few sunflower seeds and grind them to make a powder. Consume 1-2 spoons of powder regularly.

7. Yellow pepper: Yellow peppers are a storehouse of Vitamin C which plays a major role in boosting hair growth. Consuming yellow peppers can help to increase the scalp circulation which in turn helps to strengthen the hair follicle and prevent breakage. Yellow peppers also contain antioxidants which help to strengthen the hair follicle and shafts thus improving the hair condition.

8. Asparagus:
Asparagus contains a lot of folic acid which is a kind of Vitamin B that helps the body to absorb vitamins easily and accelerate hair growth. Asparagus is a storehouse of fiber and iron which strengthens the hair roots thus preventing hair fall in a person. Also, vitamin E found in asparagus would help to improve the overall scalp condition easily. In order to enjoy long, thicker and shiny hair, you should consider consuming one bowl of asparagus every day.

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