10 Foods That Stimulate Release of Fatty Acids From Fat Cells

The process of weight loss is not a mystery anymore. Through proper diet and exercise, it is possible to put the body into a calorie deficit where more calories are burnt than consumed. When there is a lack of energy, the body releases stored fatty acids from the adipose tissue to burn it up to release energy. The physiological process of fat burning happens when stored fat is released from the adipose cells into the blood to source energy. The good news is that certain foods can burn stored fat, prevent fat absorption, and also increase metabolism. When you consume excess calories, they get converted to fat and are stored in fat cells. Excessive carbohydrates can be stored as glycogen in the liver and muscle, get converted to triglycerides in the liver, and then transferred to adipose tissue for storage. Fat is stored inside the fat cell in the form of triaglycerol. Now, here comes the interesting part – the stored fat is not burned right there in the fat cell, it must be first freed from the fat cell through certain pathways (controlled by hormones and enzymes). As we have mentioned above, some foods can stimulate the fat cell to release triaglycerol into the bloodstream in the form of free fatty acids and they get transported through bloodstream to tissues where the energy is needed. When free fatty acids are released from the fat cell, the cell shrinks in size. So, we don’t actually burn fat cells – through diet and exercise, we drain out fat cells, and lose weight. In this post, we list down 10 Foods that stimulate that release of fatty acids from fat cells.

Foods That Stimulate Release of Fatty Acids From Fat Cells

1. Coconut Oil: Medium chain triglycerides found abundantly in coconut oil promote feelings of fullness and promote the fat-burning process.

2. Caffeine: Not only is caffeine considered a workout performance booster, it also increases release of stored fat.

3. Green Tea: Catechin epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), found abundantly in green tea boosts fat metabolism, burns more calories.

4. CLA (conjugated linoelic acid): Found extensively in meat, eggs, dairy products, etc., increase fat metabolism and burn more calories.

5. Salmon: They have double weight loss benefits with high amount of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids which improve metabolism and trigger fat burning.

6. Chromium: This one is a rare mineral nutrient that reduces insulin resistance. They divert glucose molecules towards muscle rather than into fat storage. Orange juice, tomato, apple, green beans, etc., are good sources of chromium.

7. Arginine-rich foods like soy, pumpkin seeds, nuts, watermelon, beans, etc., stimulate brown adipose tissue growth.

8. Avocado: Good fats help in burning body fat, improve metabolism, curbs appetite as well.

9. Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids improve fat burning by optimizing leptin that signals the brain to suppress appetite and eat less for maintaining weight loss.

10. Whey Protein: Pure whey protein trigger glucagon and growth hormone release that boost metabolism, suppress appetite, and burns more calories.

Summing up, the best way to help the body stimulate/metabolism and activate the fat burning properties of the body is by following a good weight loss diet such as Rati Beauty diet, having thermogenic foods, drinking plenty of water, and of course exercising regularly.

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