Foods You Should Eat Before Your Run

Who says its only men who can do laborious and athletic work? We, women, have marked our success in every field, including sports and athletics too. We see many inspirational women athletes across the country. It needs a lot of effort to reach to a level where you would be addressed as a successful athlete. However, it’s not only your physical efforts that help you become a better athlete, you should always maintain a great balance between your diet and run. Consuming a wrong snack or diet before your run may pull you back from success. It may also cause stomach ache, vomiting, fatigue and may leave your body with discomfort. To avoid such situations, you should always properly plan your workouts and meal timings. If you are an athletic person and have a run planned, you should always eat on of these foods mentioned below, before you run!


1. Oranges
Food You Should Eat Before Your Run Oranges

Oranges are among those foods that fill your stomach for a long time. It can be easily digested by the body and also is an energy booster. If not oranges, you can switch to some orange juice or orange flavoured glucose. Oranges also help to reduce your belly fat and burn extra fats in the body. They also help to pump the blood circulation in the body and provide good stamina and immunity. Eating one whole orange gives you 14% of fibre and 7% of calcium that your body requires. It also promotes a healthy bone condition.

2. Dates
Food You Should Eat Before Your Run Dates

We cannot deny the fact that dates are the richest food considered for people who shed their sweat frequently – for gym goers, or any athlete. They are very rich in potassium and contain just a little sodium, which makes your nervous system strong. Dates should be included in your everyday meal as it fills the person with energy no matter how tired he/she is. Dates fill up the stomach properly and are also very high in iron content.

3. Cold Coffee
Food You Should Eat Before Your Run Cold Coffee

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When you are stressed out, what do you do? Take 2-3 cups of coffee and bounce back to normal. Although, hot coffee is not advisable to take before you run, you can fill your thirst with cold coffee. It is an instant energy booster and provides protein. Caffeine helps to concentrate on your run and trigger you with energy, when low.

4. Carrots
Food You Should Eat Before Your Run Carrots

Carrots are considered among the world’s healthiest foods. You can just bite some carrots before your run. Carrots contain rich antioxidant known as beta carotene and other nutrients supply too. Carrots take a special care of your cardiovascular benefits and keep your bones strong. You can consume carrots before you run in any form, it can be a juice or any healthy carrot dish. Raw carrots will be more good and beneficiary at your end. It keeps your stomach light and also keeps the urinary tract healthy. Good news to an athlete – carrots also protects you from the sun damage.

5. Oats
Food You Should Eat Before Your Run oats

Oatmeal is a healthy fashion followed by many of us in our morning breakfast. It keeps your stomach light. It provides 40% of total iron that our body needs. It is rich in fibre and iron, and is also an energy booster for your body. A blend of oatmeal and milk will be perfect for your body before you run. As milk provides you with proteins, oatmeal stores you with fibre.

Hope the post is useful for all the women athlete here. Enjoy your day!

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  1. I think this post is applicable to those who run on the treadmill as well. My gym instructor has advised dates, oranges, apple, pear, and juice before running on treadmill.

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