Forest Essentials Body Mist with Jasmine and Saffron Review

Forest Essentials Body Mist with Jasmine and Saffron Review

Hello Lovely Ladies,

How are you all doing? Today, I will be reviewing my first ever body mist and I chose mine from the brand Forest Essentials. It is called Forest Essentials Body Mist with Jasmine and Saffron.

Forest Essentials Body Mist with Jasmine and Saffron Review

Product Details:

Body Mist Jasmine and Saffron.  Fresh flower infused water Body Mist to soften and scent your skin. Use as often as required.


Rs. 975 for 100 ml.


It comes in Forest Essentials classic packaging in transparent bottle with spray nozzle for easy use.


Body Mist Ingredients

My Experience with Forest Essentials Body Mist with Jasmine and Saffron:

When I was at the Forrest Essentials store last time, the SA showed me the body mist and I instantly fell in love with fragrance. When I sprayed it, the first fragrance that hit my senses was that of saffron followed by mild fragrance of jasmine and some herbs and it was lovely. I prefer using this body mist right after I step out of shower and it instantly rehydrates the skin which gets ripped off moisture.

Forest Essentials Body Mist

But does this mean I can skip using a cream on my body? I would have to say “no.” It definitely hydrates the skin but it sure does keep it hydrated for long. On my ultra dry skin, it worked for around 3-4 hours and then I need to use it again for a refreshing feel. The mist is of clear, water like consistency and when it is sprayed on the skin, it gives a cool sensational feeling and a bit of tingling effect (in a good way) and then it gets absorbed into the skin within a minute, leaving behind no residue.

A bottle of 100 ml would not last even for a month if used every day and it turns out to be costly affair which I think can be skipped during winters.

Forest Essentials Body Mist

Pros of Forest Essentials Body Mist with Jasmine and Saffron:

  • Nice fragrance.
  • Light mist which gets absorbed into the skin.
  • Does not leave any residue behind.
  • Made of herbal products.

Cons of Forest Essentials Body Mist with Jasmine and Saffron:

  • Quantity and price.

Would I Repurchase Forest Essentials Body Mist with Jasmine and Saffron?

The price is really on the higher side and it does not do anything exceptional. I might try out Body Shop mists next time – have read some great reviews on IMBB.

IMBB Rating:


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9 thoughts on “Forest Essentials Body Mist with Jasmine and Saffron Review

  1. i recently finished using the TBS mist and i soo loved it. Id see what other fragrances they have since I am not a huge jasmine fragrance fan. Thanks for the review.. 🙂

    1. Hey rati, the jasmine fragrance is not so strong…it’s different – out of the 3 variants I loved this one.. do try out when you visit FE next time 🙂

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