Forest Essentials Eternal Youth Formula Review

Forest Essentials Eternal Youth Formula 

eternal youth formula

Claims : • Increases Elasticity • luminous Skin Tone

Ancient formulation from the early 17th century using the most effective and precious ingredients. Is prepared according to the Vedic Shastras in ashrams in the Himalayas. Specific mantras are chanted while the cream is mixed by hand.

• All Skin Types

Weight: 50 gms

Price : Rs 2,275


forest essentials eternal youth formula date and litchi

My Experience :

I am in love this this cream. I have a normal to dry skin and I was looking for a good night / anti-ageing cream. The SA suggested me ‘ Eternal Youth Formula with Date and Litchi’. I loved the luxurious silky texture of the cream at the store, and instantly bought it.

The goodies about this cream :

  • The ingredients list is absolutely fantastic.
  • It keeps my skin super hydrated and soft even in the ac environment. I wake up with soft and smooth skin every morning. Never had a single dry patch since I have started using this.
  • The texture of the cream is slightly in the heavier side but gets absorbed within a minute or so. It does not leave skin greasy or oily once it gets absorbed.
  • It has anti ageing properties.
  • It has a mild herbal(y) fragrance. I can’t exactly pin point what exactly it smells of it whatever it is, it’s pleasant and mild.
  • It’s been a month I have been using this cream and my skin definitely looks better with every passing day.
  • You don’t need a lot of it to use in a one go.
  • The packaging is pretty.
  • The fact that the product is manufactured in India, we get to use the latest manufactured products. 🙂
Overall, I’d say that this is one of the best night creams I have ever used. Although the label says that it would be suitable for all skin type, I personally wouldn’t recommend this to those with oily skin. I am not sure if this cream increases elasticity or not but it has definitely worked so beautifully for my skin. I look forward to see my facial skin every morning, and I love how it looks. 🙂
Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating 5/5

Forest essentials eternal youth formula review

Swatch :

eternal youth swatch

Have you used Forest Essentials Eternal Youth Formula?

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39 thoughts on “Forest Essentials Eternal Youth Formula Review

  1. Nice Review ….Do you think anti anging creams can be started off at the age of 26 – 27 ?
    Also please suggest a good day cream /moisturiser for the day in ac enviornmnets . I am having very bad days 🙁 . My skin type is Normal to Dry these days it gets very dry though in bangalore….

  2. I am glad that you reviewed it..I have been eyeing it for some time now:) Gonna buy it when my current night cream finishes up:D

  3. Wow rati di looks like one very good night cream! But vedic mantras being chanted while it is mixed ????????????? Glad it worked for you! Will try to pick something for oily skin frmo this range!

  4. hi rati, sounds like a dream product, m however confused btwn this and Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Protective Recovery Complex… which one u suggest ?

  5. Vedic mantras are chanted while mixing the cream? Hahahahahaha! Sorry, but that sounds terribly pseudo – something to make sure that the western consumers lap it up. It’s the same old ploy of using religion to make Indian things appealing. Anyhoo, despite that, thankfully, the cream sounds nice. My skin has been pretty well-behaved and I’m hoping it stays so for the next few years before I start splurging on anti-ageing. I’ll recommend this to my mother. She is in search for a good night cream.

    1. hihih i know.. but who knows actually. I dint feel good bout ‘mixing with hand’ thingy 😐 Hope your mum likes it. It’s actually a pretty good cream. 🙂

  6. I have a doubt. Even FE suggestd me to use this creme but what is the Base Qs these ayurvedic companies keep mentioning? I have a sensitive skin and if the total ingredient list is mentioned then its very useful 🙁

      1. .. bt the problem is they never reply .. 🙂 yahhh I only stick to cetaphil and a few FE products.. 🙁 and my problem is due to my skintype its so difficult to choose products

  7. My God….litchi as an ingredient…..I would love to get this cream because of this reason too…..Specific mantras are chanted while the cream is mixed by hand 😛

  8. would love to buy… but 2k price is way beyond…
    I am so tempted to buy this one from FE… but the price is sure a stopper 🙁

  9. Specific mantras chanted while the cream is mixed by hand? Yuck, doesnt conjure pretty images for me. I wish i had dry skin, oily skin is just so terrible to handle in the Indian weather 🙁

  10. sounds to be awsome Rati..and looks yummy..but u knw wat, though i know abt a product and how good it is, its either my mind or my hubby stop me from buyying..but my heart would cry for it 😉

  11. Such a comprehensive review Rati. Thanks. I have been looking out for a good night cream after my TBS Shisho cream tub emptied. But sadly it does not seem to be available online.. 🙁 🙁 🙁 This is sooo unfair. I see such tempting things online and one I cant wear them and second I cant even use the creams. me going in depression.. 🙁 🙁

  12. This looks so good !!
    Why is Forest Essentials not available in the US? 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    And reg the vedic mantras & hand mixing, did they mean that
    was how it was done in 17th century?
    If not, they better be wearing sterilized gloves:)

  13. Hey Rati,
    as soon as i saw your favorites,i wanted to get this and also in last month’s Femina this was mentioned by a designer (i guess,not sure!the one column where they talk about their beauty closet and fashion staples) as her night time cream! I went straight ahead and bought it. This sucker is worth the price. I used it one night and the next day morning i was damn glowing! I can vouch for this because my skin is so receptive that it shows if the product works or not.
    the previous cube type packaging,the products were more non absorbing. Now,i guess with the packaging the products also have changed! The cream is easily absorbed and my skin for one which does not absorb things easily unless the product seeps in by itself and it will react in a way of sweating by showing that its not fully absorbed! That’s not the case with this baby!
    I’m worth it 😛

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