Forest Essentials Facial Scrub Hand Pounded Organic Fruit Review

Forest Essentials Facial Scrub Hand Pounded Organic Fruit

forest essentials fruit scrub

Claims : “Deep cleansing facial polisher also include scrubs with rich Organic fruit, roots, herbs and vegetables. These are natural exfoliators which leave the skin soft smooth and glowing.

Nourishes • Exfoliates • Polishes

This nourishing face scrub, hand-pounded to the right consistency, blends fresh organically grown dates, peaches and apricots with rich apricot kernel oil, pure honey and finely milled almonds to gently exfoliate dull cells, revealing a beautifully polished and glowing complexion. With an intensive conditioning action and packed with antioxidants, it is the ultimate skin food.

• Recommended for all skin types.”

Price : Rs 1175


forest essentials hand pounded organic fruit ingredients

My Experience:

I love face scrubs a lot. I have normal to dry skin. I feel my skin behaves much better when I exfoliate my skin regular as opposed to when I don’t. So I make sure to scrub my face twice or thrice a week.

I have been using this Forest Essentials Facial Scrub for a few weeks now and I love it. The first selling point for me for all Forest Essential products is their ingredients list. You read the ingredients and  you want to indulge in the products. Now the catch is that only 38% of the list mentioned consists of the nicey-good ingredients and the rest 62% is some base QS of which no info is mentioned about. You may read more about ‘QS’ HERE.

Anyhoo, the scrub is excellent. It looks like Chawanprash and has pretty much a consistency like the same – gooey-sticky. You have to apply it on your wet face or else it would be difficult to spread. The scrub particles in the scrub are not consistent ( since it is an ayurvedic preparation) so be careful while using it. Some particles may be too harsh. I always keep a mild to medium pressure with my finger tips and it helps in getting rid of the dead cells , especially around my nose area. With regular usage, it removes black heads and white heads to a great extent. But if you have very heavy black heads, this scrub may not be effective for the same. I suggest that you get your black heads removed at the salon in that case or use a coarser scrub especially for the nose area.

It smells of freshly crushed rose petals mixed in a fruity pulp. 😛 The fragrance is very organic…nothing perfumed or artificial. You have to make a bit of effort at cleaning it up, especially take care to wash it off completely from the sides of the face. It comes in a jar form – not a fan. You don’t need a ton of product in one go. With just a bit of water, it spreads wonderfully and does the job well. My skin feels smoother and cleaner after using this. I have to follow it up with a moisturizer or else my skin starts feeling a bit stretchy.

Overall, I find the product super excellent. It keeps my skin in very good condition. I think this product will work for all skin types. This product definitely gets a good heads up from me. 🙂

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating : 4.5/5

forest essentials hand pounded organic fruit

forest essentials hand pounded organic fruit

forest essentials hand pounded organic fruit pulp review




27 thoughts on “Forest Essentials Facial Scrub Hand Pounded Organic Fruit Review

  1. Hey Rati.. this looks like chawanprash indeed… 😛 very luscious… using any of the FE products gives me an insanely royal feeling.. 😀 I love the madhulika lep..will try this as my skin like yours is very dry..

    1. Esha, even I though of chawanprash only when I saw it first 🙂

      Rati nice review and clear pics as always, I am yet to vitis FE store here….. lets see when I will go (its quite far from myplace) but when ever I will go I will make some purchase for sure 😀

  2. Rati……I read the ingredients list and I was like yummyyyyyyyy….like the previous one you reviewed with yummy ingredients, this has all good pulpiessssssssssssss 🙂 I love scrubs toooooo….I want Forest Essentials products….waaaaaaaaaa

    1. yeah jomo, all pupy and yummyyyy 😀

      thank you sweta. hope you like it. 🙂

      hope you like it esha. follow it up with a rose water and moisturizer for sure. 🙂

  3. It definitely looks like chawanprash! 😀 I am using clarisonic for exfoliation n totally love it! its been a while since i used normal face scrubs!

  4. I was gonna get this one on Wednesday but just picked up their eye cream.. Now i’ll buy 🙂 Glad to get a thumbs up from you 😀

  5. hey Rati, true that review..have been using it from last 2-3 months, and reallly like it.
    I love the smell of it, so fresh and fruity.The only problem i feel with it is application..its too thick haina..but ya nice product !

    1. yeah pryadarshini, it is quite thick but works fine when thinned down with water. 🙂 so all good. I totally enjoy using it. 🙂

      hope you like it vidhi 🙂

  6. Oh wow! This looks so awesome and indulgent! FE has a ton of products for dry skin – I dont find they have enough products for oily acne-prone skin 🙁
    But love their Panchpushp water a lot!

    1. oh is that so… somehow I have been able to find just everything for my skin type. pretty thankful. what can i say. 😛

      melissa, it is luxury ayurveda.. soo.. 🙁

  7. me def buying it 🙂
    i love FE products
    Rati…. love u & ur blog.. u inspired me in so many ways that i cant tank u enuf… if i ever met u in person (which i am really hoping i do) i would love to hug u 🙂 big puchi to u… hey sorry if i made u umcomfy with this comment abt hug

  8. Rati .. i agree ..the ingredeint list is soo tempting .. but 62% qs.. thats quite a research… wonder y these companies feel proud to hide the ingredients.. don’t tell me FE is not 100% natural .. i love love love their stuff..

  9. Hi Rati.. great review.. Actually this was one of the first products I had brgt from FE, 2-3 yrs back, that time the packaging was diff (similar jar packing bt less cuter 🙂 and it used to cost arnd 700 bucks or so. I have been a HUGE fan of this prduct since then and used it religiously for a year or so. then last year they changed their packing and hiked the price so I kinda stopped buying this product 🙁 this is great prduct. I have a combination-oily skin type. Bt it works really well and also helps in controlling oil.

  10. I want FE stuff sooooooo bad, but they’re super expensive on Amazon 🙁
    I like how they have the whole recipe printed at the back of the tub :P, well now just have to find what the mystery “base” is!

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