Forest Essentials Intensive Hair Repair Masque Japapatti and Brahmi Review

I have always loved Forest Essentials, especially their body care range. I had bought a few things from hair care range but those products couldn’t impress me at all. In fact, they left my hair drier. But I still had high hopes for this new launch as it has all natural and good ingredients. Hence, I gave it a try. Now read on to know whether I liked it or not.

Price: INR 1425 for 200g
Product Description:
A rich creamy pre shampoo masque specially designed to protect, repair and deeply nourish hair from deep within. Rich with intensive repair agents like Banana pulp and fresh herb infusions of Methi, Brahmi and Nagarmotha, this hair masque helps to repair, hydrate hair and gives it gloss and shine.
It is a rich creamy pre shampoo masque which protects, repairs and nourishes hair from deep within. Contains Banana pulp, Japapatti and Brahmi which is rich in potassium, natural oils and vitamins. Excellent repair agent for hair.

How to Use:
Apply the hair masque on dry hair along its length and leave on for a minimum of thirty minutes.
A whole fresh egg can be whisked and added for extra nourishment. Shampoo and condition as usual.
Use once a week.
The mask comes in a classic plastic tub packaging which has a golden lid. This plastic tub has a sticker with some information. This tub comes in a cardboard packaging which bears all product related information. I like Forest Essentials’ packaging; it is always very handy yet very classy.

My Experience with Forest Essentials Intensive Hair Repair Masque Japapatti and Brahmi:

First of all, this product is literally butter in a jar. It’s so thick and creamy that it feels very luxurious. The texture is really nice and thick. Also, it smells divine. It smells of natural herbs. The fragrance lingers on for long, some people might like it and some might not.

Talking about the usage, this mask is supposed to be applied once a week. You need a handful of mask for each usage and then need to work it throughout the hair. You can leave it on for around 30 minutes or so. You can also add an egg to it for extra nourishment. I have used it around 5 times (with egg and also without egg) to come to a conclusion that this mask is just not working for me.

Yes, it adds lustre and shine to my hair and makes it look healthy. But then it leaves my hair strands drier than earlier. I am not able to make out how such a thick creamy product can make my hair so dry. But, to be honest, I have noticed the same results with other Forest Essentials hair range, too.

Also, I asked my friend to try the mask before I could review it. She, too, experienced the same results, i.e. her hair also felt dry after using this mask. So, this mask has left me disappointed. Now it’s just lying in one corner and I am not using it at all. Still, the ingredients of this mask, and in fact of all Forest Essentials products, are worth mentioning.

I would say try it as a sample first and then go ahead and buy it. It’s a pricey product for its quantity and performance both. I basically got it to treat my hair at home but sadly it just didn’t work out for me.

Pros of Forest Essentials Intensive Hair Repair Masque Japapatti and Brahmi:

• Ingredients list really impressed me.
• Adds a lustre and shine to my hair.
• Easy to use.
• Smells heavenly.

Cons of Forest Essentials Intensive Hair Repair Masque Japapatti and Brahmi:

• Didn’t work for me at all.
• Could not repair or moisturise my hair.

IMBB Rating: 2/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Forest Essentials Intensive Hair Repair Masque Japapatti and Brahmi?
I won’t repurchase it as it didn’t work for me at all. If you want to try it, then make sure you try a sample first.

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