Forest Essentials Jasmine and Aloe Vera Facial Tonic Mist Review

Forest Essentials Jasmine and Aloe Vera Facial Tonic Mist Review

Forest Essentials Jasmine and Aloe Vera Facial Tonic Mist Review

Nothing in the world can change my love for the fragrance of jasmine flower.  I have loved it since childhood and now as an adult, I always keep picking products which have a mere mention of the word “jasmine.” I got myself a facial mist from Forest Essentials last month since I was intrigued by the brand and have been happy with the bath and shower oil, which I have from this brand. I wanted a facial mist since long and I zeroed on this product relying on the brand value of Forest Essentials and reading a couple of positive reviews.  Please read on further to find out how it fared on my skin.

Product Being Reviewed:

Forest Essential Facial Mist Fresh Jasmine and Aloe Vera.

Facial Mist 1

Product Claims:

Contains only pure aloe vera juice which helps to soothe and calm the skin while the jasmine essential oil helps to hydrate the skin.  Recommended for normal to oily skin.

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INR 550 for 100 ml.

Facial Mist 2

My Take on Forest Essentials Jasmine and Aloe Vera Facial Tonic Mist:


Facial Mist 3

It comes in a sleek, plastic, transparent bottle with a spray nozzle at top.  It has a plastic cap as its cover, which seems flimsy and not so elegant.  The bottle as such has practical packaging, only the cap could be improved.


I shall talk about the fragrance in the end. The colour seems to be yellowish brown, but when sprayed onto the face doesn’t show any colour, it oozes out as transparent liquid. The consisitency is that of a runny liquid, just like water. Also, when I shook the bottle, I could see the froth at the neck of the bottle and while spraying also, it was a little frothy. Coming to the fragrance, I would say it is more of a smell as it smells highly of cow dung.  Yes, I know I sound weird, but that is the first impression.  After a few seconds, when the smell settles, I can smell the faint fragrance of jasmine. The good part however is that the smell does not linger for long and the face does not smell of jasmine or cow dung or aloe vera whatsoever 😛

Facial Mist 4

Well, my skin has felt refreshed and calm whenever I have sprayed it on my face. There has been no reduction of pores, but yes my skin feels softer.

Facial Mist 5

It hasn’t made my face oily and dries on its own within 2-3 minutes. The face stays oil free for 2-3 hours after which I feel the need to blot the excess oil.

Facial Mist 6

Pros of Forest Essentials Jasmine and Aloe Vera Facial Tonic Mist:

  • Practical spray packaging in a transparent bottle to see how much is left.
  • Makes skin feel refreshed.
  • Makes skin softer.
  • Does not break me out.
  • Suits oily skin people.

Cons of Forest Essentials Jasmine and Aloe Vera Facial Tonic Mist:

  • Has to be used within 6 months of opening the bottle.
  • Smell, it smells strongly of cow dung.

Will I Repurchase/Do I Recommend Forest Essentials Jasmine and Aloe Vera Facial Tonic Mist?

Yes, in summers, it shall be great if you can bear with the smell for the first few seconds.

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13 thoughts on “Forest Essentials Jasmine and Aloe Vera Facial Tonic Mist Review

    1. Thanks surabhi,,,,,,,,u r one lucky gal not to have oily skin, ask me n my woes…..acne, chip chip, blackheads, open pores n wat not 🙁

    1. most welcome jomolay, i am happy if u cud save some currency going down the drain here 🙂 actuially product itna bura nahi hai but smell badi gandi hai… 🙁

  1. i love fe essential facial mists but i feel facial mists should smell soothing and nice.. not of cow dung even for seconds. thanks for the heads up. I guess i’d give this a skip. 😐

    1. It is for oily skin rati, waise bhi u can easily skip it, u are lucky not to have that skin type which bothers so many women alike 🙁 n ia gree we put face mists to soothe n refresh our skin not to tolerate the datty cowdung smell,,,,,eekssss

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