Forest Essentials Madhulika Nourishing Honey Lep Review

Forest Essentials Madhulika Nourishing Honey Lep

forest essentials madhulika honey lep

Claims : An Ayurvedic facial paste or Mask made from raw Organic Honey mixed with nourishing herbs, flowers and fruit to make a highly nutritious ‘Lep’ to be used after cleansing and toning the skin.

How to use:
Apply on clean face and neck avoiding eye area. Rinse well with warm water. Splash cold water last.

Price : Rs 1150 for 50 gm

forest essentials madhulika honey lep ingredients

My Experience:

I have become a huge huge Forest Essentials fan of late. I think by now I must have tried everything from their range that fits my skin or body care needs. Two things – one they are an Ayurvedic brand and I have rarely had any bad experiences with any of their products. And two, they are an Indian brand. Everything gets manufactured in India and we get to enjoy the latest manufactured products. It’s like using freshly made products every time you use FE products. It’s a good feeling. Okay, now they should make me their brand ambassador. 😛

Anyway, coming to the product. This is a face mask for dry skin. I bought it a while back but its only recently that I have started using it dedicatedly. The new product is a little more wet than what you see in the photos. I just add a bit of rose water to make the consistency of the mask thinner.

It smells exactly how a honey + lots of orange juice mixture would smell like. I am not huge on honey fragrances but the citrusy fragrance makes it bearable for me. Those who love honey fragrance would love the smell of this mask.

It is a crumply kind of a face pack. So it’s best to stand right next to the sink when you apply it. The product tends to fall off a bit. But once you have evenly applied all of it, it sticks pretty well . I leave it for good 20-25minutes. It does not dry completely. After washing it off, it leaves my skin super moisturized and nourished. It is a little messy to remove but it’s okay.

This is very good mask for those with normal to dry skin. And this is especially a blessing during the winter season or after you have come back from a trip. My skin craves for a bit of pampering after I am back from my travels. I have been reaching for this of late and my skin loves it. It also reduces the appearance of pores and makes my skin feel tighter. The ingredients list is excellent but if you are allergic to any of the natural products, be careful with it.

It is best if you rinse it with warm water. The oils in the product tend to wash well with warm water as opposed to the cold water.

You have to use the product within 6 months of opening but I guess with regular use, you can finish it off within 2-3 months.

Just not a fan of the jar packaging. I wish this came in travel packs as well.

Highly recommended. 🙂

Indian Makeup and beauty Blog Rating : 4.5/5

forest essentials madhulika honey lep

forest essentials madhulika nourishing honey lep


forest essentials madhulika nourishing honey lep swatch

More User Reviews:

madhulika lepI started using Forest Essentials products purely on IMBB’s, particularly Rati’s, recommendation. This one is Madhulika Nourishing Honey Lep. The texture is different now. Earlier it was scrub like, and now it is a gel mask. I believe this mask works more effectively when used along with light steaming. It doesn’t give any instant brightening effect. For me it does nothing. If I am spending Rs 1475 on a mask, at least I should get something out of it. I use it only because of all the fantastic ingredients it boasts of. Now I feel may be the earlier texture would have been much better on skin (in terms of exfoliation and cleansing). In my opinion, you can easily skip this one. – Monika Madhwal

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17 thoughts on “Forest Essentials Madhulika Nourishing Honey Lep Review

  1. I am tempted to get this, but you have warned me about all those oils….still it is so tempting through your description and the pics 🙂

    1. yeah neha. 😀

      it does now that you have mentioned it , sreya 😛

      hope it works for you mansi. :))

      jomo, try their clay mask. the one reviewed by vini 🙂

  2. Great pictures I must say, and it looks yummm
    Do u think it will suit oily skin because it contains only almond and sweet orange essential oil.. and honey is best for open pores and people with oily skin have more of this problem..
    I need ur suggestion regarding this honey lep
    as per ur review I purchased L’Occitane Immortelle Brightening Moisture Cream and it suits my oily acne prone like a miracle and i didn’t experienced any peeling even after applying foundation so I’m super duper happy wid that and want to thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much 🙂

    1. awww that sounds great. :)) I were to suggest you their clay mask and realized that you have only reviewed it. 😛

      you are right about what you mentioned but honestly I am not too sure if I would want to suggest it to people with oily skin. It does contain quite a good amount of oil on every application. i dont even feel the need to moisturize my skin after using it. Why dont you give it a sample test at one of their stores??

      Btw it does seem to work a bit on the pores. I should add that in the review.

  3. I use this Rati. First I got it as a sample. Loved it and went back the same week to get it. Its awesome and works really great on me. As usually lovely and detailed review

  4. sounds really good rati…
    I use a paste of lemon juice and hoeny… it is a natural bleach… makes skin smooth and glowing… the FE shop is quite far from my home in Bangalore… lets see when I ll go there, but will try to get my hands on this one 😀

  5. I feel incredibly lucky that u n i hav same skin texture 😀 Everytim u rate a product highly it goes on my want – list

  6. Hi Rati,
    I loved your review..and I think I am definitely trying this as you and I have similar kind of skin.. 🙂
    I have a totally irrelevant question to ask you here… after reading your muffins adventure on faux pas. I was totally sold and I tried it out last night. they turned out really well but i had a problem demoulding them..i used silicon cups like you.. how did you do it? Did you grease the mould before putting the batter?? 🙁 please help!

  7. I have developed quite a bit of love for FE products of late too! But this one sounds like it wont suit oily skin like mine – btw I am in love with their eye cream, its so rich n moisturizing! U tried it yet?

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