Forest Essentials Mashobra Honey, Lemon & Rosewater Face Wash Review

Forest Essentials Mashobra Honey, Lemon & Rosewater Face Wash

I like the brand Forest Essentials; they are one natural brand where the products feel and look natural. You know what I mean; the products don’t look slick, smell natural and also feel refreshingly nice. Only if their prices weren’t sky high.

I had a run in with Forest Essentials three summers back when I had a gift to pick up for Mom and Forest Essentials was the only store in Inorbit which had standing space. I had never heard of Forest Essentials before. As is with the case of most new brands I thought it was safe to pick up the soaps and picked up some 5 soaps of theirs and got them gift wrapped. They gift wrapped it pretty nicely too with dried flowers and pretty cellophane paper.

Since my Mom loved the soaps especially their Musk soap (it’s quite something, the whole bathroom gets awash with that lovely scent), I ventured to find out more about them. Forest Essentials is founded by Mira Kulkarni and began its operations in 2000; it is based out of Delhi. They use only steam distilled essential oils and organic fruits and vegetables in their products. Also they majorly supply across five star hotels and spas across the country. Of course now they are in the realm of Luxurious Ayurveda, ever since Estee Lauder bought a stake in them.

In fact a friend of mine had showed me her sample of the Forest Essentials Aloe Vera Shower Gel that she had picked up from her stay at the Taj. She had loved it so much; she had asked the hotel for one more of them and carried it with her. I too had tried the shower gel – on my face and it smelled wonderful, and felt extremely luxurious and soft. I loved the shower gel so much that I went back to their store to look it up, and disappointingly didn’t find it. I think they make it especially for their hotel line. And guess I will just have to book myself at the Taj sometime to get a bottle.

But though I didn’t get the shower gel I found this little gem of a face cleanser and that’s how I ended up picking the Mashobra Honey, Lemon and Rosewater Face wash. This really is one product both me and Mom love. You will always find half an empty bottle of this in my bathroom. When I had first picked up this face wash it was expensive, in the range of Rs.400/- now it retails at close to Rs.700/- which I must say is quite expensive for a face wash, but believe me in this case it’s quite worth the moolah.

So down to reviewing it, let’s start with the packaging:

Product Name: Mashobra Honey, Lemon & Rosewater

Price: Rs. 625/-

Quantity: 200ml

Packaging: The packaging is a sheer glass bottle rectangular in shape with a convenient pump. The label is a no fuss white. Of course after Estee Lauder has picked up a stake in them, they call themselves as Luxurious Ayurveda and there is a tag attached to that effect.

Forest Essentials Delicate facial Cleanser
I also love the fact that it has a pump and just one press with half a coin sized amount is good enough for one wash.

The Product: The product actually looks like honey with water like consistency. There is something very fresh and natural about the look of this product.

The ingredients if you see, are all natural without any chemicals whatsoever, how often does that happen eh? The ingredients as mentioned are: Steam Distilled Rosewater, Lemon Juice, Organic Honey,Royal Jelly, Nagkesar, Anantmool & Kumud.

Forest Essentials Cleanser
The Texture: Imagine a drop of water with one level thicker consistency and that’s pretty much it.

The Fragrance: Love this fragrance, so natural and so fresh! It smells of rosewater with just a hint of honey and some subtle traces of lime.

The Feel: Forest Essential Delicate Facial Cleanser lathers quite nicely and really leaves you feeling fresh with skin of refreshing rosewater. The best part is it doesn’t dry out the skin or makes it feel stretched, which happens to me with other face washes.Your browser may not support display of this image.

Forest Essentials facial Cleanser

Forest Essentials facial Cleanser

This product doesn’t really disappoint on any count. Even the lather is mild, not rich and foaming, but leaves skin so clear and fresh you really wish it weren’t so expensive. The good part however is that the bottle comes in the quantity of 200 ml and just a little is enough for one wash. So one bottle generally lasts for around 2 to 3 months, which I think is quite a long life for a face wash.

Overall, I love this product though I think it is ridiculously expensive, but we all have our strange quirks, and what with mom and me jointly using it, it feels like having a partner in crime!


47 thoughts on “Forest Essentials Mashobra Honey, Lemon & Rosewater Face Wash Review

  1. Hey Kasturi, haven’t heard about ths brand before but would love the smell of honey and rosewater in my face wash 🙂 Hope I can find it here in Chennai 🙂

    1. hey aarthi, i checked online but only could find mention of them at the Taj chennai, their website too is inoperational, so cant let you know :(, but will keep my eyes open and if i find out anything of their presence in chennai, will let you know!….yeah i love the fresh fragrance of this facewash 🙂

    1. Oh!….i guess their presence is limited huh…i think with estee lauder buying in a stake they just might increase their presence…yeah i think they are quite a nice brand….oh and i read about the grand giveaway….am not sure contributors can apply…but looks like i missed it anyway 🙁

    2. M, we have lots of Forest Essential stores here in Delhi. They are a luxury skin care brand and they have a fixed audience that keep going back to them and picking up stuff. You would never find their stores crowded ever. Those who love Forest Essentials literally don’t want to experiment with other skin care brands. Know quite a few people in that category. 🙂

  2. After reading this article, i was left wondering where did I come across this name Forest Essentials… then i fished my vanity counter 🙂 to my surprise scores of small bottles Forest Essentials 🙂 .. courtesy Taj Hotel :).. my dad stays at Taj once every two months.. so0ooo i literally beg him to bring every free thing from there he he ( i cant help it)… it includes books, soaps, creams.. everything … i always found them ‘oooohhh so good’…

    ur article just confirmed my faith in them :)….
    i wish i could take photos and upload them here .. 🙂 is there a way???

    1. hey wow, and thats what dad’s are for, to coerce them to get you goodies 🙂 even if the bottles are teeny tiny they still have a sizeable amount, and its quite good eh?….as for taking photographs and uploading here, i guess you’ll have to do a photo article or something, you could check with rati on that, her id is available on the contact section of the blog 🙂

  3. Hi Kasturi, nice review, I’ve bought forest essential’s scrub and facpack and quite like them (if i forget the price :D).. I know what you mean abut the Shower gel, its Aloe Vera and Neem one right? I’m using it …. the body lotion and soap is lovely too 🙂

    1. hey renuca thanks 🙂 hey yeah thats right, it was aloe vera and neem!…and truthfully i expected aloe vera and neem to really not smell pleasant, but the fragrance is quite nice…where did you pick it up from? and which of their face pack and scrub are you using?…would be nice to know 🙂

      1. I am using the hand pounded organic fruit scrub and the deep cleansing yoghurt facial masque. I get the aloe vera and neem toiletries thro my husband.. he normally stays at the TAJ when he’s travelling on work so thats I get them :), Where do you stay? if you are close by I can give you some

        1. that is so sweet of you renuca 🙂 wow….!…….but i am going to coerce the same friend mentioned in the post to get some goodies from Taj as well as Oberoi, their brand is Kama methinks…:-) but thanks so much ….thats such a sweet offer, and the handpounded scrub sounds good….is it good?….if yes, will pick up…i need a new scrub

          1. The scrub is nice Kasturi, but quite frankly I think you can get an equally effective scrub at a lesser cost(i paid over 600), I bought mine on impulse since I was very excited abt the brand finally opening shop near me and ever since I discovered IMBB I know better 😀

              1. hey thanks, yeah if you think i can getter a better inexpensive scrub….i will wait around check a couple of other brands and then buy! 🙂 thanks! and thanks for the tip on kama too, will check them out 🙂

  4. I’ve read about this brand in a magazine but could not find them in Chennai.. After reading your review, I want to chk out the products. This review is tempting me and I would love honey and rosewater on my face 😀 .. Is this cleanser for all skin type or any specific type?

  5. Hi priya, ya you should check them out….i was told its good for oily, combination skin when i had picked up at the store, but i think it is suitable for all skin types, coz i have combination skin and mom has dry skin and it suits both of us. I still will check on the bottle and get back to you 🙂

  6. hi kasturi, after readind uy review i m dying to try the shower gel. woundering wher to get it… :-)) i can really feel the aroma u r talking about sitting here . he he:laugh:

      1. hi gals,
        u get the forest essentials products in amethyst in chennai….
        its in jaipur colony next to peters road, royapettah 🙂

  7. The cleanser looks lovely and mild…it’s a pity their website is inoperational…they had the whole range of products listed as well as their outlets across india…the website was working a few months ago and all of a sudden stopped working…wonder why ?:-)

    1. Yeah Jewel, i know….!.its been inoperational for quite a while now,.. i guess it is so coz they must be reworking the site on their new luxury ayurveda premise….

  8. :-)) :-)) hi dear, actually i luv dis brand and want 2 use it life time bt my problem is dt i m nt getting it in pune as i suppose it has no branch here so just pls let me know if u know sm…………

  9. For all you Forest Essentials fans out there, rise in joy as Forest Essentials has finally opened up its first store in CHENNAI…Yup yup!!!
    I have been a forest essentials user since the last six years…ask me about their products and I can probably give u a thesis on their products…all positive of course!!!
    My latest buy of course is their Tejasvi Night Emulsion, a night use which is supposed to make your skin glow and eliminate the use of clean ups!!! Am told its a fav. of Karishma Kapoor and Neha Dhupia!!!
    Don’t ask me the price…I dont want you to think of me as crazy!!!

    Anyways enjoy da chennai store…till next time…

    adios!!! 🙂

  10. 🙂 😥 Hi everyone, great site by the way. Its one of my favorites in just days. I used to pick up Forest Essentials from Taj for the past 2 years. I knew it was expensive stuff but i didnt know that it costs almost 500 rupees for 40 ml face lotion. And to think that i have 2 whole 40 ml containers of conditoners and one shamnpoo that are past expiry..Bohoooo… 😥 Thery made my hair a bit dry and so this time i went to Taj i didnt pick up the shampoo..for which i am so regretful now…i picked up the bath and body shower, hand and body lotion, conditoner all in the Aloe Vera and Neem range. I cant believe i left behing those 500 rupee bottles of shamppoo behind. 🙂 Now i use the old shampoo for washing my feet. But what to do with the ridiculosy expensive old conditioners… :cute: I cant drink them and dare not to use on my precious hair..Now i use the body lotion only for the face… it is really good for oily combination skin and the bath and body showeer only as a face wash….This site converted me to respect the brand… I should probably bow to the 500 rupees face wash before using it….Next time i am there are Taj i will sweep up the place… 😀 Great site gals. Keep it up

  11. Hey guys,

    putting in my 2 cents worth of advise for the products. Recently i was in Delhi and practically bought the whole store. I live in Nepal so i thought why not. I love their products, cause they are so gentle and smell divine and they make my skin glow. I love the fact that the company only uses natural organic ingredient and therefore i know i am not putting all kinds of crap on my face. In terms of prices i agree they are more on the expensive side. But i feel they are good value for money as they make me very happy and my skin very happy and i could not ask for more. I have used other brands like Biotique, Ayur and Lotus but by far Forest Essentials is the best. So i would suggest to anyone who is unsure to try one or two things and i am sure you will be a convert.
    For those of you who do not have access to the store everything can be ordered online, or so i was told by the sales assistant in their store.

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