Forest Essentials Narayana Cold Pressed Body Massage Oil Review


Claims and Ingredients : 

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Price : Rs 1,195

My Experience with Forest Essentials Narayana Boy Massage Oil

I don’t know if you guys know that I am a bit allergic to the smell of coconut oil. I get headache with the coconut oil smell. And this oil smells a mix of coconut, sesame and eucalyptus. Plus it is a strong smelling oil. If you get a massage done with this oil, it would fill the room with the fragrance. It is a heavy oil so that makes it excellent for body massage. You could also do a little self massage it 30-40 minutes prior to taking bath. I got massage done with this oil twice and I could not stand the smell of it. It was a bit too strong for my senses. Rather than me getting relaxed, I couldn’t wait to get rid of the smell.

I stopped using it. One day my mum-in-law asked if I had some oil. I gave this to her and asked her to give it a try. She LOVED it. She’d sit infront of the TV and massage her hands and feet every day. Then she left. On her next trip she asked for the oil again and I mistakenly gave her some other oil. She asked for this particular oil and just casually mentioned that this oil relaxes her tired feet and limbs. Plus she liked the fragrance.

I think it is an excellent oil with such a powerful concoction of natural oils. I’d only say that you smell it before you buy. The only reason it did not work for me was the fragrance. I mean for some it might just give you an ultimate spa kind of relaxation. It does not get all absorbed because this is a heavy oil. I’d suggest taking bath after using this. Don’t use harsh soaps and you could skip using a moisturiser afterwards.

It comes in a regular FE bottle. Simple and effective. Looks pretty.

If you ask me, I’d rate it 3/5 and if you’d ask my mum -in-law she’d rate this 5/5. It is her favourite body oil ever. 😛 Worth a try if you like the fragrance.

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  1. Rati, I kind of identify the fragrance that you are speaking about, I have narayana oil from a different brand, which is equally effective in relieving pain 🙂

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