Forest Essentials Nargis Velvet Silk Body Cream Review

Skin tone: Medium with yellow undertones
Skin type: Normal-Dry

If you don’t know how much I love Forest Essentials Nargis Body Mist yet, I suggest go read that review first. 🙂 This body cream also belongs to the same range, and I love this cream too. To be honest, I was expecting this cream to be very heavy and oily but it is super light, refreshing yet moisturising.


Product Description:
Rich silkening body cream to smooth onto the body while paying attention to the heels, elbows and knees. Use after a bath, steam or spa treatment to soften, nourish and leave the skin with a satin sheen. This cream contains oil from Sweet Almonds which is the most nutritious, adds glow and deeply moisturizes. Wheat Germ Oil and Jojoba Oil improve blood circulation, repair damaged skin cells and soothe and soften the skin. Bala smoothes rough skin texture. Vitamin E protects skin from UV rays and pollution, is an anti-oxidant and natural preservative. Organic Beeswax deeply nourishes, rejuvenates and firms the skin scented with the delicate fragrance of the Nargis flower.

INR 1,695


My Experience with Forest Essentials Nargis Velvet Silk Body Cream:

Without any doubt, I can say that FE products come in very sturdy and luxe packaging. This one too comes in a strong cardboard box. The front of the box has just one sticker which implies the range, i.e. nargis. The back too has one sticker which bears all the information related to the product. The immediate packaging, too, of the cream is functional and sturdy. But, this tub might turn some people off; I do not mind it much though. This is a very travel-friendly packaging that won’t spill or break, but only if you are willing to carry this 200g jar.


The fragrance is the show-stealer here too, just like the mist. I really enjoy this beautiful, fresh and floral fragrance. I am not the biggest fan of floral fragrances but this one definitely is a beautiful fragrance; I don’t think a lot of people would dislike this fragrance. I love how this fragrance is very soothing and very refreshing. Even if you are not planning to buy any product from this range, just sniff it once at the store. You’ll love it!

outer packaging

The fragrance lasts a long time on my body, at least as per a body cream’s standards. Without mist, it stays on for almost 5-6 hours. When I spray the mist after applying this cream, the fragrance stays on for as long as 7-8 hours. Now isn’t that impressive! The cream itself is very lightweight and spreads very easily. You do not need much at one time, so it will last me long. It gets absorbed into the skin easily too, you don’t have to massage much. The cream is not at all greasy or sticky, hence it can ideally be used by dry skin during spring and summer time. Now this is amazing for this fragrance and consistency are meant for such seasons.

Forest Essentials Nargis Velvet Silk Body Cream

I have used it in winter time too and it wasn’t very moisturising. I would need to reapply it after 5 hours during winters. But now it has become kind of hot in Delhi and this cream is working great. I do not need a moisturiser for upto eight hours. I love the fact that FE uses such good ingredients, and this cream too has many natural ingredients. You can easily spot oils like almond, jojoba and wheat germ along with vitamin e and beeswax in the ingredients list.


The cream overtime has softened my elbows, knees and heels. My skin feels very soft and supple with regular usage. It claims to protect from UV rays and pollution too, but I cannot attest that. Overall it’s a lovely body cream for spring and for dry summers. It will make you smell good and will keep your skin moisturised.


Pros of Forest Essentials Nargis Velvet Silk Body Cream:

• Packaging – luxe and travel friendly
• Fragrance – beautiful, fresh and floral
• Fragrance lasts really long
• Easy to spreads
• Gets absorbed easily
• Non-greasy and non-sticky
• Not too heavy for summers
• Doesn’t induce sweat
• Goodness of natural ingredients like wheat germ and jojoba oils
• Softens rough skin
• Keeps skin moisturised for 8+ hours

Cons of Forest Essentials Nargis Velvet Silk Body Cream:

• Expensive
• Not moisturising enough for winters and for super dry skin

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Forest Essentials Nargis Velvet Silk Body Cream?
Even though I love the fragrance, I won’t repurchase this cream because I find it too expensive.

Would I Recommend Forest Essentials Nargis Velvet Silk Body Cream?
If you love the ‘nargisi’ fragrance and have the heart to pay for this kind of art, get it.

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  1. So many people talk about how awesome the Nargis range smells! I want to try some of their Nargis products too now! 😀

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