Forest Essentials Night Treatment Cream: Jasmine & Patchauli Review

Forest Essentials Night Treatment Cream: Jasmine & Patchauli

Forest Essentials Night Treatment Cream
Hi Everyone, I am back with a review of the Forest Essentials Night Treatment Cream – Jasmine & Patchauli. I have been using this cream for over 6 weeks now and I think now I can make an informed decision about the product to write its review.

Price: Rs. 1275 for 50g
Product Description: A corrective night performance cream designed specially for combination or oily skin types. Pure Jasmine and Patchouli oils, renowned for their therapeutic qualities, soothe the skin, neutralize oil production and give it an even tone. Natural olive oil extracts target premature agein, while stimulating rice bran oil retains moisture and elasticity.

Packaging: It comes in a nice big tub that is packaged in a nice ornate box. The tub is so beautiful with its golden lid that I don’t mind dipping my fingers in it ;P
night treatment cream

Directions: Use a small amount on face and neck with upward strokes at night after cleansing and toning.

Ingredients: See for yourself in the pic below:

My Experience with Forest Essentials Night Treatment Cream

I mainly bought this, as I was on the lookout for a nice soothing night cream for oily skin without burning too big a hole in my pocket. I came across this while picking up my usual FE Panchpushp Toner and immediately picked it up because of the divine smell. Ladies, I tell you it smells simply DIVINE!!!!!!!
I have been using this for the past 6-7 weeks with my Clinique face wash and FE Panchpushp Toner as part of the nightly CTM routine. I am extremely impressed with the product for starters. Even with just 6 weeks use, this has greatly hydrated my skin and improved the texture. My skin feels soothed, even-toned, and glows in the morning when I wake up ☺
Its fantastic for oily skinned people, as it gets absorbed into the skin super fast and does not make my skin look like an oil factory when I wake up in the morning. It smoothes out the fine lines and just makes my face look all glowy and refreshed in the morning!
Texture is very lightweight and creamy and the color is kind of off white.

Pros of Forest Essentials Night Treatment Cream

• Does what it claims – controls oil production amazingly well, evens out skin tone, smoothes and soothes the facial skin – so yay for that!
• DIVINE smell – I feel like I am going off to sleep with a Jasmine gajra wrapped around my wrists (like the old zamindars used to have while watching Mujras in the earlier days). The smell is of pure Jasmine and it just calms me at night.
• Gets absorbed super fast
• Very lightweight and totally non-greasy in texture. Does not leave any residue behind.
• Makes my face glow in the morning!
• I can feel it is improving my skin texture in the long run because after I started using it, my skin has become very very soft and supple.
• My pores are also less visible these days – but I don’t know if that is because of this cream or the Panchpushp toner.
• I think the quantity that you get for the price is fully justified and a little goes a long way – so this tub is going to last me another couple of months easily.
• Paraben-free ☺

Cons of Forest Essentials Night Treatment Cream

• The tub is pretty bulky and I keep dropping it – its not travel friendly AT ALL!

Nothing other than that.

Rating: 5/5

Please go pick it up all you oily skinned beauties and try it – you’ll fall in love with it. I will definitely repurchase this.

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24 thoughts on “Forest Essentials Night Treatment Cream: Jasmine & Patchauli Review

    1. Oh, not sure it would work for dry skin, they have a the Saffron and Sandalwood night cream for dry skinned women, so you may give it a try – its an Elle award winner too 🙂

    1. Hehe, if you don’t like the jasmine like fragrance you may want to skip this, the fragrance is pretty strong and stays for a while 🙂

  1. My mumma uses this! She swears by it and I can see why! 😀
    But I never used it cause I hated the smell. Aww well it’s just me.
    Nice review Flygirl 🙂

      1. Ooooopsss! I’m sorry, I read Flygirl’s comment above this and just typed away to glory 😛 😀

        Oh yeah nice review Arbee 😀 😉 🙂

    1. Yes Ila, for dry skin pick up the Saffron n Sandalwood night cream – its supposed to be good and one of their bestsellers.

  2. Nice review. Just 2 days ago I got lotus nutralite :-(. Must have waited for your review. Mine is super oily skin, and the morning I wake up with loads of oil. Will try this next time.

  3. nice review….wud def like to try ds1….bt does it work in winters as well?? coz my skin gets totally dry in winters nd looks like an oil factory in summers…. do i need to use diff. creams in diff. seasons??

    1. Hey Zia, yes I have heard people with your type of skin using different creams for winters n summers…cant speak from personal experience though because i have oily skin round the year!

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