Forest Essentials Oudh & Green Tea Bath & Shower Oil Review


Ingredients :

forest-essentials-oudh-green-tea-bath-shower-oil ingredients

Details : Apricot Oil nourishes, softens and improves skin elasticity. Gokharu makes the skin supple and rehydrated. Deodaru revitalizes dry and dull skin. Avocado Oil is rich in vitamins like A, D, E, minerals and several essential fatty acids. It provides nourishment and is considered to be one of the best emollients for skin care. The Steam Distilled pure essential oil of Oudh ; Agarwood – a traditional precious fragrant wood resin and fresh green tea infusion leaves the skin scented for hours.

Price : Rs 1,575 for 200 ml bottle

My Experience with Forest Essentials Green Tea & Oudh Bath and Shower Oil

My facial skin is normal to dry but I’d categorise my body skin as dry only. The day I don’t moisturise my body I do feel the dryness on my skin. I turned to these amazing Forest Essential oils a while back. I rely heavily on them as the weather changes as most body lotions really don’t work on my skin for very long. Plus, I am too lazy to moisturize by skin twice a day. This is the new fragrance range launched by FE and I had to give it a go.

Let’s start with the smell first. I’d put it as a scented body oil and I LOVE IT. It has become my favourite fragrance from the FE range now. It smells almost like an expensive perfume but with a bit of earthiness. I don’t know if it would be the right description but let me try- if you are a hindu and you go to temple in the morning, there is this mixed fragrance of dhoop, flowers etc going around. It kind of smells like that. I am so addicted to this fragrance that I think I am going to pick everything from the range. 😛 Plus the fragrance stays on the skin all day long. Sometimes I don’t even feel the need to apply perfume. You’d either love it or hate it because fragrances are very personal. I am obsessed.

Like all Forest Essential Shower Oils, it is light, gets absorbed in the skin quickly and leaves skin soft. It is not sticky or greasy. My skin does not get dry all day long. No dryness, just healthy looking skin. 🙂

I absolutely love the ingredients Forest Essentials use in their products. I feel they make India proud by creating such high quality products. 🙂

It comes packed in a clear basic but glam looking bottle. Super effective and looks pretty in the bathroom.

Overall, an absooolutely favourite product of mine. Definitely give this fragrance a go.You might just find your new favourite. 🙂

You may check out the review of the Shower Gel from the same range HERE

Rating : 5/5

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12 thoughts on “Forest Essentials Oudh & Green Tea Bath & Shower Oil Review

  1. I have not tried any FE oil so far.. going by your review this is gonna be my first one. I like dhoop fragrances, in fact was smitten with them at one point. 🙂

  2. Rati, I had a chance to smell authentic oudh at a perfume shop and it smells so rich. I love the smell of temples, mmmm like that 🙂

  3. I have just started exploring this brand and it has never let me down. Even just being around their store feel so good…thanks to the smell. I will try this. 🙂

  4. Rati, thanks for the review….. I basically check for the fragrance in first place for all my products and I love the smell of FE hair products (especially Indian rose absolute which got because of your review) and your on this really making me fall fully towards FE….

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