Forest Essentials Shaving Cream – Sandalwood and Orange Peel Review

Before you exclaim- ‘A men’s product on IMBB’, I have certain arguments to make! First, I don’t understand why shaving cream should be called just a “men’s” product. We all have used razor once in our life, and I wasn’t exactly using butter to lather!! Second, my body wash and soaps can’t compete with the efficacy of a shaving cream. Third, lady, you need to give this tub a try. Forest Essential concocts the most intoxicating yet delicate fragrances from an “almost” all-natural ingredient list. They pretty much nailed this one too. Read on to know why I kept pestering Jomol to let me review this product! (isn’t she a sweetheart).

Forest Essential Shaving Cream


Enriched with the revitalizing properties of fresh Sandalwood paste, fresh Citrus extracts and Aloe Vera juice, this shaving cream gently soothes and moisturizes the skin for a close and comfortable shaving experience. Antioxidant properties of Ginger, Neem and Vidarikand protect the skin.


Forest Essential Shaving Cream


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You get a 200 gm tub for INR 1250 only. Yes, ONLY 6 times more expensive per gram than “the best a man can get.”

My Experience with Forest Essentials Shaving Cream – Sandalwood and Orange Peel:

Fragrance: best explained through this short story: I drag hubby to FE, to smell something good! The male SA politely joins us and both men look at me expectantly on what I would do next. So I smartly decide to engage them both- ‘Do you have a men’s range?’. SA picks up this shaving cream and hands it to hubby. And, the next 7 seconds become a revelation that FE can entice even the simplest of the man also! After the first whiff, hubby kept his eye closed for a good 5 second and then opened them with a serene look on his face. I wondered what did I miss and took a whiff too. Oh I can’t start to describe- it’s as if I had entered a holy place where the priests are blessing me with a smear of sandalwood on the forehead. I looked at hubby, who was still lost in trance. I decided to gift it to him then and there. I did not need an occasion- his face said it all. Also, sandalwood dominates the fragrance and I still can’t figure out where is Orange peel in this.

Forest Essential Shaving Cream

The product texture is like a whipped mixture of Vaseline and white cream. It is pretty thick and wouldn’t slide off the tub even if you turned it upside down. It is very slightly translucent.

After using it for almost 3 months, we both concluded on the below efficacy points.

  1. Lathering- as good as any shaving cream, but without a single chemical in it! Check out the picture for the build-up of that small smear on my finger.
  2. Softening- improvement over other creams, softens the skin a tad bit more while lathering.
  3. Freshness- considering it is part of the morning ritual- it instantly wakes you up (him not me!).

Forest Essential Shaving Cream

I took a step further and tested its effect versus soap, shower gel, and even a shampoo used as lathering agents. I was left with the softest, most luxuriant feeling skin after using this. I did not even feel the need for any moisturizer after that. And the smell stayed with me for atleast 15 minutes.

You hardly need more than 2 pea sized amount and it foams into a good enough lather with that quantity. No wonder I can still see 3/4th of the tub still remaining even after 3 months. Now, I am worried if it can be fully consumed before it expires! Maybe I should start using this as a body wash- I will never need body moisturizer!

Conclusion: Truthfully, I was a bit stunned when I heard the price during billing. I still bought it since it was an indulgence and we both loved the product. I still can’t justify the utility for a woman at this price, but if something evokes such expressions and experiences, I think one should go ahead with it.

Forest Essential Shaving Cream

Forest Essential Shaving Cream

Pros of Forest Essentials Shaving Cream – Sandalwood and Orange Peel:

  • Most serene and luxuriant loving sandalwood product out there.
  • Ample lathering and softening of the skin.
  • Instant freshness due to sandalwood and menthol.
  • Little quantity required- tub may live beyond the shelf life.

Cons of Forest Essentials Shaving Cream – Sandalwood and Orange Peel:

  • Definitely expensive- but consider this as a luxuriant indulgence.

IMBB Rating:


Would I recommend/repurchase Forest Essentials Shaving Cream – Sandalwood and Orange Peel?

Highly recommended! From both me and hubby! We will definitely repurchase. And if he hesitates in repurchasing, I will probably buy it for him again (and for me too!). And as a merry jest, I think I may drop one as a bridal shower gift for one of my friend’s- wink 😉

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  1. LOL 😛 Pragya, me neither useth butter to shave 😛 Guess, who steals “best a man can get” from the men in the family! you are a sweetheart too :*

  2. pragya what a fabulous review. I am a sucker fro FE products. No matter what I buy , FE products never disappear from my vanity! and boy! I am going to give this try. 😀 Totally sold! 🙂

  3. Superbly reviewed Pragya…I would have considered it too expensive but your review makes it worth it…I am gonna buy this as a gift for my bf! 😀 😀

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