Forest Essentials Sweet Narangi Juice Lip Balm Review

Forest Essentials Sweet Narangi Juice Lip Balm Review

These days, I am using a lot of natural products as they suit me well and I am a big fan of Forest Essentials products.  I am reviewing a luscious lip balm from Forest Essentials with Sweet Narangi Juice.  Treat your lips naturally.

Forest Essentials Sweet Narangi Juice Lip Balm Review

Benefits of Narangi:

It helps to repair dry, cracked and chapped lips and protects them from the drying effect of cold, dry winds of winter, making them look healthier and smoother.


Rs. 495/-

Sweet Narangi Juice

My Experience with Forest Essentials Sweet Narangi Juice Lip Balm:

I have never seen a lip balm in such a classy packaging.  I was super impressed looking at this balm at the FE store and it was like love at first sight (:P) and I bought this lip balm because I love the packaging as well as I am a fan of citrusy smells.  The smell of the lip balm is like of orange juice which is quite refreshing and herbal. The feel on my lips is comfortable, not too waxy, and it doesn’t have an oily sheen. It protects my lips from getting dry.

Orange Lip Balm

I mostly wear this lip balm at night time and the next morning, I feel my lips are quite soft.  This balm gives my lips all the moisture and healing they need, but I don’t recommend this for chapped lips as it doesn’t repair cracked lips. The biggest complaint is that it is difficult to get the product out of the pot, especially when the product has almost finished and removing the proper amount of balm from the pot feels messy, therefore I use a spatula to take the product out. Overall, this is a lovely natural balm which is ideal for dry lips, but not for too chapped lips.

Lip Balm

Pros of Forest Essentials Sweet Narangi Juice Lip Balm:

  • Gets absorbed easily.
  • Feels light on the lips.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Smell is refreshing.
  • There is no taste.
  • It keeps lips soft and supple, well moisturized.

Cons of Forest Essentials Sweet Narangi Juice Lip Balm:

  • Doesn’t stay for long.
  • Price.
  • No ingredients list mentioned.

IMBB Rating:


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18 thoughts on “Forest Essentials Sweet Narangi Juice Lip Balm Review

    1. Surabhi every good thing hav some disadvantage …
      Isliye it looks good, smells good, works good lekin doesn’t stay for long…!!!

  1. beautiful pix..vini,ur style of clicking pix, i love it 🙂
    and the packing is so classy..never seen a lip balm in suhc a pack..

  2. Even though I am very happy with my Joy balm which is less that 1/10th the price of this one, I am STILL tempted to buy this product thanks to your lovely pictures, Visha. 😛 It just looks so pretty! Glad that it’s tasteless. From its name, I thought that it’d taste orange-y.

  3. I have used their Kerala Lime Glaze Lip balm and found it pretty good..its almost over now and had been searching for another one of their lip balms to give a try… 😀 😀 This sounds pretty decent….would get this one now!! 😀 😀

  4. Hi…Im using this product for past few weeks…..since i have bit dark lips… FE person recommended me this…this is my forst FE product…Im in love with FE…

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