Forest Essentials Tejal Balancing Water Review

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Skin type: normal to oily, acne-prone and sensitive (tends to get dry patches in winter)

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In this post, I will be reviewing Forest Essentials’ recently launched ‘Tejal Balancing Water’. It is the first beauty ritual range by Forest Essentials. The first beauty ritual encompasses two products: Rasa Activating Serum and Tejal Balancing Water. Let’s get into the review to know more about this water.

Forest Essentials Tejal Balancing Water Review

Price: INR 1875 for 200 ml
Product Description:
Tejal Balancing Water immerses skin in a film of humectants and nutrients to allow skincare that follows to be deeply absorbed in the skin. This gel based, rich velvet-textured toner restores skin’s lost pH balance after cleansing, by delivering lasting hydration at a deep cellular level. With a gel-based, rich velvet-texture, this path breaking water immerses your skin in a film of moisture enhanced with essential nutrients and humectants, to restore your skin’s optimal pH balance.

With the age-defying prowess of sweet potato derived hyaluronic acid, brightening and refreshing mandarin peel extract, and deeply hydrating Gotu Kola herb, amongst its many ingredients, Tejal lends abundant moisture and an ethereal luminosity to the skin. Your skin is now ready to prep with a pre-moisturizing gel.

Forest Essentials Tejal Balancing Water Claims

How to Use:
After application of the “Rasa First Care Activating Serum,” dispense a small quantity of Tejal Balancing Water onto your palms. Gently apply by delicately tapping onto face, cheeks, and neck. Wait a minute to absorb.

My Experience with Forest Essentials Tejal Balancing Water:

Forest Essentials Tejal Balancing Water comes in a tall and slim dark coloured plastic bottle with a screw cap. The bottle is transparent and you can keep track of how much product is left. It houses all the information regarding the product. The bottle has a small hole to let the water pour over cotton pad or hands. The bottle is tall, but lightweight and does not leak at all. The bottle has an outer cardboard packaging that also houses all the information about the product.

Forest Essentials Tejal Balancing Water Packaging

Texture and Fragrance:
Tejal Balancing Water is extremely lightweight. It has a thin gel-like texture and non-sticky formula. The lightweight formula of this balancing water makes it get absorbed into the skin easily. The balancing water is transparent in colour and has a mildly sweet, fresh and pleasant fragrance. The fragrance does not irritate the nose and gets disappeared as soon as the product sinks into the skin.

Forest Essentials Tejal Balancing Water Back

I have a new found love for Korea’s most popular 7-skin method. Well, technically it is not new as I have been layering my toner for the past few months. I started the 7-skin method with Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Skin and I absolutely love that hydrating toner during winters. However, when Forest Essentials’ first beauty ritual range launched, I was intrigued and bought both of the products from the range.

Forest Essentials Tejal Balancing Water Open

I apply this balancing water twice a day after using the Rasa Activating Serum from the same range. I take a dime sized amount, rub between my palms and then gently pat it all over the face and neck. It has been stated to let it absorb for a minute before proceeding, but it hardly takes a minute to sink into the skin. After getting absorbed, it does not leave any sheen behind and makes skin hydrated, nourished, soft and smooth. It also balances skin pH and provides the skin with a very subtle glow.

Forest Essentials Tejal Balancing Water Cap

When it comes to layering, I apply only single layer every morning and then follow up with L’Oreal Hydra Fresh Anti-Ox Grape Seed Hydrating Mask-In Double Essence. However, I layer it up to 3 times at night on weekdays while 5-6 times at night on weekends. With each layer, lesser product is needed and skin becomes super moist by the end.

Forest Essentials Tejal Balancing Water Swatch

When the duo – Rasa Activating Serum and Tejal Balancing Water – are used together the skin becomes super soft, smooth and extremely hydrated. It prepares the skin for makeup, and BB creams and foundations just glide super easily.

Pros of Forest Essentials Tejal Balancing Water:

• Slim packaging
• Mild and refreshing fragrance
• Non-sticky and lightweight formula
• Restores pH balance
• Hydrating formula
• Makes skin supple and soft
• Provides skin with a subtle glow
• Can be layered without irritating the skin
• Layering makes skin super moist
• Never clogged up the pores

Cons of Forest Essentials Tejal Balancing Water:

• Not a spray packaging

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Forest Essentials Tejal Balancing Water?

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