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I picked these kinds of makeup sponges, the one with handles, from H&M and Forever 21. These cute mint-colored makeup sponge from Forever 21 is up for the review today. Keep scrolling!

Forever 21 Contour Makeup Sponge Review

Price: $3.90
Product Description:
A contour makeup sponge featuring a pointed tip and a long handle.

My Experience with Forever 21 Contour Makeup Sponge:

Forever 21 Contour Makeup Sponge Review Packaging

Packaging: This beautiful sponge applicator comes in a simple plastic packaging. Product details like product name, brand and manufacturing details are printed on the cover. However, the fact that this is a contour sponge is mentioned only on the website and not on the body of the product. The mint-colored sponge applicator comes with a shiny black handle. The handle is lightweight to hold. The handle material is good, feels sturdy but not heavy and is easy to grip.

Forever 21 Contour Makeup Sponge Review Sponge with Plastic

The sponge is a little chubby one in a cool mint color. I am too lazy to wash and use my Real Techniques makeup sponge, so mostly I stick to using my fingers for blending. The sponge is not very soft and is quite dense compared to a few others I have used. It feels slightly uncomfortable to use this for blending the foundation, although I got it primarily for that. The handled sponges aren’t the best for precise blending especially near the nose sides and jawline (my personal take). The pointed edge is good for applying foundation precisely along the bridge of the nose and making concealer triangles.

Forever 21 Contour Makeup Sponge Review Back

It was only later that I found that this is primarily intended to be used as a contour sponge. It works well in that aspect. With the pointed edge, it is easy to apply a darker cream-liquid contour shade along the jawline or on the cheeks. The blending is easier when the area is limited and gives a good chiseled effect.

Forever 21 Contour Makeup Sponge Review Full View

Forever 21 Contour Makeup Sponge Review Sponge

As I have already said, it isn’t the softest sponge to work with. I wet it before using and have switched to using concealer and a dark brown lipstick (for contouring) with this, instead of using foundation. It doesn’t absorb a lot of product and can be cleaned easily without damaging the shape.

Forever 21 Contour Makeup Sponge Review In Hand

You need to figure out the right way to grip the handle and the angle so that the handle helps instead of hindering the application. This brush doesn’t work well with powder contour products, so it’s best to stick to a cream-liquid formula. It doesn’t give a patchy look and gives quite a natural finish.

Forever 21 Contour Makeup Sponge Review In Hand Side

Pros of Forever 21 Contour Makeup Sponge:

• Cute handled sponge
• Good for concealing and contouring
• Retains shape on washing
• No patchiness
• Good with cream-liquid formula
• Inexpensive

Cons of Forever 21 Contour Makeup Sponge:

• Not very soft
• Complete sponge details absent
• Not meant for foundation
• Grip needs to be figured out
• Not for powder formula products

IMBB Rating:
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Forever 21 Contour Makeup Sponge?
It is a decent one to try. Not keen on repurchasing it.

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