Forever 21 Love and Beauty Rose Gold Cosmetic Brush Set Review

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Ola beauties!

Makeup brushes have become an important part of our lives. I love buying new brushes and recently I came across this rose gold set by Forever 21. Let’s get into the details.


Price: INR 599

My Experience with Forever 21 Love and Beauty Rose Gold Cosmetic Brush Set:

This Forever 21 brush set comes in a normal silver clear plastic pouch. The brushes are placed on a plastic tray. The packaging is not fancy, it’s very simple. This pouch contains six brushes and most of them are for the face. These brushes have a beautiful rose gold holder each with pretty-looking light pink bristles. These brushes look a lot like Real Techniques brushes. RT brushes are quite expensive but these are affordable and worth the money.


All the brushes have super soft, smooth and gentle bristles that feel like a feather on the skin. These soft brushes are great when it comes to blending the product right. They provide the desired look easily. Due to the light color, these brushes get dirty quickly but still look very cute. I need to wash these frequently.


Now, let’s talk about each brush individually:

Brush 1:
This is the biggest fluffy brush in this set. It is actually a powder brush. This big fluffy brush works well to apply powder on the face and it feels extremely soft on the skin. It blends products smoothly and provides that flawless finish on the skin. Due to its big size, it works very quickly and picks up a good amount of the product.

Brush 2:
This brush looks like a buffing brush with a flat, thick top. It is a little pressed from both the sides, so it also works well to blend the contouring shade. It especially works well to blend cream contour. Its density makes it a nice brush to buff my foundation into the skin.

Brush 3:
This brush is a small fluffy blush brush that works so well to apply blush on the cheeks. It blends the products perfectly and provides a very nice, natural and smooth finish.

Brush 4:
This brush is a little different. It is a trianglular brush. This brush works in various ways to apply makeup. I can apply my foundation with it. It works nicely to apply cream contour shade or highlight shades with its thin edges. This brush is a little stiff and strong, hence is multipurpose.

Brush 5:
This is a small, round, dome-shaped face brush to apply and blend the concealer. It also applies the highlighter on the face well. Basically, it works well on small areas and blends the makeup quickly.

Brush 6:
This last brush is a thick but small angled brush. It works nicely on the eyes as well as to apply cream contour on the nose.


All the brushes have a good shape and design. Each brush has the perfect amount of bristles. They work nicely on the face and I am really happy with this set. These brushes pick up the right amount of the product and provide a natural, smooth and flawless finish. The bristles of powder and blush brush shed a little.


All the brushes have retained their shape and quality perfectly even after two washes. These brushes are so easy to wash and their softness doesn’t get decreased even with regular usage. These are extremely gentle on the skin and blend all the products evenly. Overall, these super gorgeous brushes work nicely. This affordable set is a great option for beginners.

Pros of Forever 21 Love and Beauty Rose Gold Cosmetic Brush Set:

• A beautiful rose gold brush set with pink bristles.
• Affordable and great for beginners.
• Compact brush set for face makeup.
• Handles have the perfect length.
• Extremely smooth and velvety soft bristles.
• Very gentle.
• An array of brushes.
• Brushes blend products smoothly and give a flawless look.
• Perfect quality and good shape.
• Most brushes don’t shed.
• Retain shape even after washing.

Cons of Forever 21 Love and Beauty Rose Gold Cosmetic Brush Set:

• Two brushes shed a little.
• Frequent cleaning is required.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5 (-.5 for shedding)
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Forever 21 Love and Beauty Rose Gold Cosmetic Brush Set?
I don’t need to repurchase because this set will last long. Also because I prefer to try new products each time. But I would love to recommend this set.

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