Forever 21 Love and Beauty Travel Brush Set Review

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Here comes the review of an innovative brush set from the house of Forever 21. Read on to know more about this travel brush set.

Forever 21 Love and Beauty Travel Brush Set Review

Price: INR 199

Forever 21 Love and Beauty Travel Brush Set Price

My Experience with Forever 21 Love and Beauty Travel Brush Set:

Nobody likes to carry those huge brush sets while travelling. I always keep a mini travel brush set in my vanity and sometimes in my handbags too that I usually carry for my small trips. Being a makeup junkie, I always prefer carrying small brush kits with me for frequent touch-ups. While strolling in the Forever 21 store, this set of brushes caught my attention. The packet looked so intriguing that I decided to get it immediately. Though I did not get any product description on the packet, the pictures on the brush looked so attractive and good enough to tell which brushes are included in this. The brush comes packaged in a simple silver colored plastic packet. This is a resealable packet and is quite strong. The brush set looks like a pencil and can easily accommodate the sleekest makeup pouch easily. Overall, the packaging is nice and travel-friendly.

Forever 21 Love and Beauty Travel Brush Set Packaging

This set looks like a pencil. It is black in color and made up of plastic body. This set contains four brushes – each stacked up to form a pencil. Hence, it looks like having 5 segments, four are the brushes and 5th one is the cap. I remember those Bensia pencils that I used to have in my childhood times. This set of brushes is very similar to them. The cap fits nicely and does not come off easily. Each segment has the shape of the respective brush printed on it. This set contains a flat eyeliner brush, angled eyeliner brush, a lip brush and a smudger brush. Let’s discuss each of these separately.

Forever 21 Love and Beauty Travel Brush Set

Forever 21 Travel Brush Set Review

1. Flat Eyeliner Brush: When you open the cap, this is the first brush that you will see. This is a flat brush. The bristles are soft and of good quality. It does not feel harsh on the skin while applying the makeup. The bristles are made up of synthetic fibers. The flat eyeliner brush gives a nice, précise eyeliner application. The straight blunt cut in this brush is great for brushing along the lower lashline. The bristles are firm enough to give a sharp and accurate line. The brush is quite small in size and its small size makes it difficult to hold and apply the makeup perfectly. So, I keep it attached to the other ones in a pencil form only while applying my eyeliner. And, I do the same while using all the brushes else it would be difficult to use.

Forever 21 Love and Beauty Travel Brush Set Flat Eyeliner Brush

2. Angled Eyeliner/Eyebrow Brush: Next to the flat eyeliner brush comes the angled eyeliner brush. The bristles are made up of synthetic fibers. The bristles have a good shape and these are firm enough to provide that précise application. This slanted eyeliner brush is great to create a perfect winged eyeliner in no time. It works great with both with liquid and cream eyeliners. One can easily achieve natural to dramatic eyeliner looks using an angled eyeliner brush. I use this brush for filling my eyebrows too. This brush is my favorite amongst all four.

Forever 21 Love and Beauty Travel Brush Set Angled Eyeliner Brush

3. Lip Brush: The third brush is a lip brush, which is always a must-have for me because I am not good when it comes to applying a lip color especially from those round bullets. So I prefer using a lip brush for a neat application. The brush is quite dense and made up of soft synthetic fibers which are very easy to clean. The hair feels so gentle on the skin. The shape of the brush is just perfect to give a uniform and mess-free application. It works nicely with those liquid lipsticks too. The tapered end of this brush makes it good to be used for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes.

Forever 21 Love and Beauty Travel Brush Set Lip Brush

4. Smudger Brush: The fourth and the last brush is a smudger brush. It is a regular black colored spongy brush with a rounded tip. The material is not very soft and feels a little harder on the delicate eye area. All the brushes can be stacked upon one another according to the requirement but this one don’t have a hollow end. So, it has to be used the way it is. The size is too small to work with. The brush smudges and blends the color evenly and nicely, though. It is good to smudge the kajals on the lower lash line for that soft smokey eye look.

Forever 21 Love and Beauty Travel Brush Set Smudger Brush

Cleaning these brushes is super easy. Just give these a mild wash with a baby shampoo and let them air dry. The brushes do not lose their shape after washing. There was zero shedding of hairs. Overall, I love this product and will definitely recommend it to every makeup junkie.

Pros of Forever 21 Love and Beauty Travel Brush Set:

⦁ Nice packaging
⦁ Good and travel-friendly
⦁ Comes with 4 brushes
⦁ Brushes are of good quality
⦁ Soft bristles
⦁ Easy to clean
⦁ Brushes do not lose their shape
⦁ No shedding of bristles
⦁ Economically priced

Cons of Forever 21 Love and Beauty Travel Brush Set:

⦁ Brushes are too small to work with
⦁ Should be stacked upon one another
⦁ The smudger feels a little hard on the skin
⦁ Smudger is quite difficult to use

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Forever 21 Love and Beauty Travel Brush Set?
Yes to both.

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