Forever 21 Love and Beauty Ultimate Brush Set Review

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I read the brush reviews on IMBB with awe and adoration, and my limited budget (college life makes you perennially broke!) restricts me from buying the coveted Real Technique brushes (someday soon!). On a recent shopping spree online, I found this brush set by Forever 21, and that too at a discount! Imagine the sheer anticipation of getting these babies delivered, and believe me I am so glad that I bought these.
Forever 21 Love and Beauty Ultimate Brush Set Review

Product Description:
This Love & Beauty ultimate brush set features a blush brush, a face brush, a lip brush, a crease brush, a liner brush, and a brow brush. All your cosmetic needs will be served with this brush set.

INR 469

My Experience with Forever 21 Love and Beauty Ultimate Brush Set:

I hadn’t expected them to look so classy. The matte black and gold body looks attractive and spells elegance. They look like any high end brush set and come in a black cardboard case with a transparent top. The only flipside I feel, is the lack of a pouch to store these brushes, which would be convenient for travels too. There are 6 brushes in total, meant for use on face, cheek, lip, eye crease, eye brows and for lining. Let’s talk about them individually.


Face brush:
face brush
The most used (read abused) brush of the lot. The brush is fluffy and dense, and feels soft against the skin. I love this brush and use it for applying loose powder over my BB cream for a very natural look. There is no blending issue, and the brush picks a decent amount of the product at a go. I tap the excess product, and apply it all over my face and neck.

Cheek Brush:
cheek brush
This brush is mainly meant for applying blushes and highlighters, and can be used for contouring as well. The brush is flat but dense, and not the fluffy kind. I am still a novice at makeup, so contouring hasn’t really caught up with me. But I have tried applying powder and cream blushes with these, and it does a decent job. You can also highlight your cheekbones for the healthy flush and the soft bristles do the job well.

Lip brush:
lip brush
Truth be told, I cannot apply lipsticks with brush. But I am trying to get the hang of it, and I tried applying creamy lipsticks by this brush. I was impressed. Firstly I lined my lips, and then used this brush to fill in the desired color. There were no unnecessary stains around my lips, the color was evenly distributed and the application was neat. The soft but straight bristles make precise application easy.

Crease brush:
crease brush
A very necessary brush for eye makeup junkies. Often the applicators provided with eyeshadows are useless, and a good shadow brush comes to the rescue. This brush is soft, not feathery soft indeed but feels comfortable on the delicate crease area. It helps in precise strokes, along with excellent blending. It makes the process of creating smokey eyes so much easier, and there are no harsh lines. Shimmery shadows also get evenly blended on the eyelids.

Liner brush:
liner brush
This one is meant for those who applying gel liners. The slanted or angled tip helps is picking the right amount of product, and creating the desired flick or straight line. The brush doesn’t slip from grip, and thus is a good product for lining the eyes.

Brow brush:
brow brush
The brow brush is great for grooming unruly brows. Girls will sparse brows might nolt find it useful, but for someone like me who has thick arches, keeping them prim and proper is a must. The brush and the tiny brow comb help to set the hair in place, and you can use a bit of brow wax on the brush for that polished look. Mostly I use just the comb to set my brows in order.

The brushes retain their shape after washing, take normal time to dry ( I leave them overnight) and don’t have shredding issues. Only the face brush lost a couple of bristles after the first wash, and hasn’t lost any more.


This kit is a dream kit for beginners and is a total paisa vasool product. If you are a novice willing to experiment with makeup, and are looking for a good kit to start with, this could be your answer. This is not the ultimate professional brush set, but before you invest big bucks in brushes, try this to get the hang of applying different types of makeup.

Pros of Forever 21 Love and Beauty Ultimate Brush Set:

• Perfect for beginners
• Elegant matte black and gold brushes
• Soft and comfortable against skin
• Efficient for different makeup techniques
• Economical

Cons of Forever 21 Love and Beauty Ultimate Brush Set:

• No pouch provided
• Not easily available everywhere

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend Forever 21 Love and Beauty Ultimate Brush Set?
Undoubtedly yes!

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