Forever 21 Love & Beauty Eyelash Curler Review

Hello fellow ladies of IMBB,

How is everyone doing? My vacations have started and I’m all about shopping. The other day when I was in Forever 21, I spotted this eyelash curler when I was at the billing counter. Since I had never owned an eyelash curler, I decided it was high time so I picked it up. Actually I was very scared to try it out but decided to overcome that fear.Read the full review to see how it fared.

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Eyelash Curler  (2)

Product Description:
This fun eyelash curler grabs every lash for the perfect curl and features a heart shaped grip.

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Eyelash Curler pack (2)

Price: INR 179

My Experience with Forever 21 Love & Beauty Eyelash Curler:

The curler comes in plastic see-through box. The curler is black in colour with bright pink rubber pad and also has bright pink heart shaped grip. The first time I tried it I didn’t see any results because I did not do it correctly out of fear. Next time, with much confidence I curled my lashes and voila, the results were much better than the first time. The curl doesn’t last at all. The quality looks good but it is not, for this curler So what I do is I heat up my curler with a hair dryer for a few seconds and then curl my lashes. It makes a difference and the curl lasts for longer.
Just a tip, this is silly but still. Make sure your eyeliner is completely dry before curling your lashes or else it will mess up the liner. This happened to me. I was getting ready to go out for a function. I did my eye makeup and applied liner. I didn’t realize my liner was still wet. It messed up my eye makeup and I had to remove it and start again. It led to lots of frustration and I ended up being late.

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Eyelash Curler  (1)

Pros of Forever 21 Love & Beauty Eyelash Curler:

  •  Affordable
  •  Curls effortlessly
  •  Easy available in stores.
  • Different variants available
  •  Travel-friendly.

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Eyelash Curler  (3)

Cons of Forever 21 Love & Beauty Eyelash Curler:

  •  It does not come with second rubber pad.
  •  It does not keep the eyelashes curled for long. It regains its original shape.
  •  The availability of eye lash curlers on the India’s Forever 21 website is an issue.

Do I recommend/ Will I buy Forever 21 Love & Beauty Eyelash Curler again?
No. Please do not waste your money on this. I think there are better ones than this one.

IMBB Rating:
Take care you all, much love.

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