Forever 21 Love & Beauty Lip Color Stick Brick Red Review

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Everyone has that one favorite brand be it a cosmetics brand, accessories brand or a clothing brand that they just can’t get enough of. Forever 21 is one such favorite of mine and the fact that I can find some really great quality cosmetics here along with some super chic accessories and clothes is a bonus! However, the only bummer is that Forever 21 doesn’t stock all cosmetics in India yet. Anyhow, on a trip abroad, I managed to get my hands on a couple of cosmetics from the Love & Beauty range from Forever 21. It took me all of 2 minutes (maybe less) to grab all the Forever 21 cosmetics I own; I just saw these cute cosmetics while getting my clothes billed and picked these up while at the billing counter. Hehe! The one I’m reviewing today is a lip color stick in the shade Brick Red.

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Brick Red

Product Description: (from the website)

This Love & Beauty lip color stick gives your lips the perfect matte finish and keep lips nourished all day.


  • Net wt. 0.07 oz.
  • Not tested on animals
  • Imported


Around HKD 35, which comes to about INR 300.

My Experience with Forever 21 Love & Beauty Lip Color Stick Brick Red:

Packaging: since it is a lip color stick, it obviously comes in a stick packaging; you have to twist the bottom of the stick and the lip color pops up. It comes in a very cute and girly red packaging; of course it has a cute packaging, it is Forever 21 after all *wink*. It has a transparent plastic cap, which I’m not too happy with since when I close the cap, some color of the lipstick clings to the cap and then I have to regularly clean the cap. Apart from that, it’s overall a cute packaging.

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Brick Red

Texture: it’s a matte lipstick and quite a bold one at that (if it makes sense). There are two types of matte lipsticks, from what I’ve observed- One, which claim to be matte and really are matte, but with a slight sheen to them and the color is actually softer than it appears. The second kind of matte lipsticks is the ones which claim to be matte and are one thousand percent really matte, their texture, formula, color payoff and pigmentation; everything screams matte. This one belongs to latter category. This lipstick is not creamy in texture, but gives a slightly glossy look and sometimes it feels over-drying on my lips. I usually prep my lips by exfoliating and applying a balm underneath this lipstick, so that it isn’t really that big an issue.

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Brick Red

Color payoff and pigmentation: Brick red is a coral red lip color that would look good on most skintones (all, if I may say so). It is a perfect color for evening occasions. Now this is the best part, this lip color stick is so awesomely pigmented that two swipes and you’re good for at least 4 hours. It lasts on me for around four hours with light meals/water in between of course and then it starts fading. But when it’s fading, it makes my lips look very awkward. So, that’s a bummer here.

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Brick Red

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Brick Red

Pros of Forever 21 Love & Beauty Lip Color Stick Brick Red:

  • Super affordable.
  • Nice coral red color.
  • Gives glossy look on lips.
  • Doesn’t have any fragrance.
  • ‘Really’ matte finish.
  • Cute packaging. Easy to twist up lip color stick.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Nicely pigmented.
  • Lasts on me for a good 3.5-4 hours.

Cons of Forever 21 Love & Beauty Lip Color Stick Brick Red:

  • Ingredients are not mentioned (this isn’t really a con, but some people who are allergic to certain kinds of cosmetics may want to know the ingredients first before buying this product).
  • Forever 21’s cosmetics are not available in India yet.
  • Since, I prefer my lipsticks to be a little creamy in texture, even those which have a matte finish, I’m slightly disappointed with this one’s texture.
  • Sometimes it feels very drying on my lips when I haven’t used a lip balm underneath it.
  • Looks literally ‘ugly’ on lips once it starts fading (sorry for the harsh word here, but couldn’t come up with anything else to describe this).

Would I repurchase/recommend Forever 21 Love & Beauty Lip Color Stick Brick Red?

I won’t purchase this shade again, but at this price, I’ll definitely try some other shade(s) and I recommend it too.

IMBB Rating:


Final verdict: I wouldn’t say that this lip color stick belongs to the category of my “oh my gosh! this is the most awesome lipstick I own”, but it doesn’t belong to the “I despise it so much, I won’t use it again” category either. All in all, it’s a decent coral red lip color.

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