Forever 21 Pressed Powder Compact Review

This ultra-light finely pressed powder compact absorbs excess oils for a flawless finish, perfect for touch-ups. Can be worn alone or lightly layered over foundation. Includes makeup sponge.
Made by designer cosmetic brands, Forever 21 Premium Cosmetics, feature quality, high-end ingredients
Net wt. 0.35 oz.
Not tested on animals

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How’s it going, pretty ladies? I would like to ask how’s summer been treating you lately but I think I pretty much have an idea of how it is – hot! And with the hot weather, we cannot avoid getting our skin all sweaty and sticky. But it is nothing which a good hygiene cannot address.

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I think it is safe for me to say that oily and dry skin types can agree on one thing: aside from fun under the sun, summer also brings with it shiny and unflattering skin. Even with a good and effective skin regimen, there are times that we need to turn to instant fixes in order to combat the shine and grime on our faces. That’s when my favorite and tried and tested pressed powder comes in.

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Forever 21 is a shop known for clothing and accessories, but the line also carries some cosmetics. They are affordable and surprisingly can also perform just as well as other established cosmetic name brands. As I mentioned, one of my summer necessities is Forever 21 Pressed Powder. As a matter of fact, it is a part of my routine all year round.

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Forever 21 Pressed Powder promises that this ultra-light, finely pressed powder compact will absorb excess facial oil for a flawless, finish look. I personally use it on top of my foundation or moisturizer. I also found out that it works perfectly well for touch ups when my face decides it is time to be shiny and oily. I have been using this not-so-well-known product for quite some time and this is my third compact. The only thing is, I have not found refills for this. The compact itself looks chic and very usable, with sponge and separator and its own mirror all in a matte, simple black compact case that screams simplicity. But I do not think I need too much of this case when I could have just re-used it. Maybe soon, we will be able to see re-fills for this one which will be so welcomed.

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I am also pleased to note that I also did not break out when using Forever 21 Pressed Powder. That is definitely a big deal, as I am sure all of us here will agree.

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What I like about Forever 21 Pressed Powder Compact :

• Can be used over foundation or moisturizer without caking.
• No break outs.
• Reasonably priced at $12.80 as compared to other brand name pressed powders in the market.
• Very simple and chic packaging.
• Comes in 4 easy-to-match shades: light, beige, medium, and tan.

What I do not like about Forever 21 Pressed Powder Compact :

• No re-fills.
• The sponge can use a little upgrading to a much better quality, but then I use a kabuki brush anyway.

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IMBB rating: 4.5/5
I give Forever 21 Pressed Powder 4.5 stars out of 5. It gets the job done, produces the results as promised and reasonably priced. It may not be as overrated as the other brand name products out there but it holds its own when it comes to giving that finished and flawless look in its own simple way. After all, isn’t beauty sometimes at its greatest when it’s at its simplest?

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