YouTube Tuesday Vol 1: Basic Foundation Tutorials

After much debate with myself, I have decided to give it a go. Every Tuesday, I would be picking up some useful makeup videos from YouTube and sharing it with you guys. Internet has been my guru for all my makeup learning. I don’t know what I would have been doing had I not found these gems. So every Tuesday we would be having a House Warming party kind of thing here where we would try to add a little more to our makeup knowledge. I plan to do the same thing for the makeup and beauty articles as well. So stay tuned and enjoy! 🙂

What better to start than a base makeup. Also, to avoid any copyright issues, I would be adding the video links than the videos, per say. Just click on the video images and it would direct you to the main video.

Good Luck! 🙂
1. Basic Foundation tutorial by Michelle Phan:

Michelle Phan Foundation tutorial

Summary : This foundation tutorial covers basic application tips for liquid, cream and mineral foundation. For liquid foundation : use damp sponge. Blend in direction of hairline. Second coating of foundation can double up as concelaler.Cream foundations give heavy coverage, works great as concealer. For mineral foundation, use powder brush and apply from top to bottom.

2 & 3 Basic Foundation tutorials by Goss Makeup Artist:
Awesome videos where the makeup artist discusses differet types of foundations. Especially if you confused between choosing the MAC foundations shades – NC or NW? Also discussions on sheer, medium and high coverage foundations including a tutorial on how you can make the most heavy coverage foundation go on your skin like a dream. He is my favorite guru on youtube. 🙂 He loves cream foundations and is not a big fan of liquid foundations. His two best tips are to match your foundation with your chest colour- just below the neck and if you are using a heavy foundation, you can make it sheer by using a moisturize, mixing with a foundation and applying it witha stippling brush like MAC 187 or colorbar’s duo fiber brush. The Mud foundations he talks about are available at Blossom Kochhar’s in India.

Part 1
Goss Makeup foundation tutorial

rati beauty ad

Part 2

Goss Makeup foundation tutorial 1

4. Stick Foundation Tutorial by Piwai:

Maxfactor's Stick Foundation tutorial by Piwai

She uses the Maxfactor stick foundation. I am soon going to buy this foundation. I checked out the testers at Kunchlas, New Delhi. I really liked it. They are super creamy and have a medium coverage. This Maxfactor’s foundation also has a mineral oil so not recommended for oily skin. But if you have an oily skin, I guess you must check out some other foundations in MaxFactor’s range. There is a high probability that you might end up finding your Holy Grail foundation. 🙂

Summary: She first applies the foundation on her face directly through the stick and them sheers out out with a damp sponge. Then set the foundation with powder. East peasy. 🙂

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11 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday Vol 1: Basic Foundation Tutorials

  1. Hey! This is a great idea Rati!

    I have never explored Youtube too much for make up videos, but I have seen a few by Michelle Phan.. she is very good! I have her smokey eye tutorial and frankly she makes it all seem so effortless!

    Thks so much Rati! & keep the good work going!

  2. I am glad you liked the idea. I see so many you tube videos so I thought I might as well share. there is so much lying there that so many of us would probably would never be able to explaore. Also I guess since makeup is catching up well in India and women are daring to explore, these videos might help a lot of beginners. 🙂

    1. I totally agree with you…makeup is catching up in India but still there is a long way to go. I wrote a post today “Are Indian women afraid of trying makeup?”.

  3. One day, we r about to watch Rati, Makeup Artist / Guru on You Tube! The most subscribed, most viewed, everything MOST MOST MOST 😉

  4. Hi Rati

    Have you tried the Revlon Color Stay foundation (with softflex) ? Can you please put your review for it.
    I tried using the sponge for applying foundation but it seems like most of my expensive foundation gets absorbed by the sponge wasting a lot of product – am I doing something wrong ?

  5. Hi Asli Nakli,

    I have not used any Revlon foundation. I have no reason for not picking up revlon’s foundation but I just didn’t seem to pick them. Although, I know about this product. My friend uses it and she has had no issues with it. Infact, she raves about it all the time. It is a medium to full coverage foundation. It gives a buildable coverage. But of you like your makeup to be sheer, this one is not meant for you. You get a variety of shades to choose from, the bottle is easier to carry around. I am not sure about the price. This foundation would give you a mattish finish.

    This is how I apply my foundation:

    I take my foundation on my fin ger tips and start from my forhead. I dot the foundation and blend with my finger tips. Then I move to the side of my nose, dot and blend with finger tips. The cheeks, jawline and neck, dot and blend.

    Then I take damp sponge ( wet your sponge with water and squeeze every last bit of water from it), and then just move the sponge all over you face. This would remove any cakiness on your face and would save your foundation from getting waste.

    If you don’t like using finger tips, just apply foundation all over your face with a foundation brush and them move the damp sponge all over.

    I used to do the same mistake earlier but you see, we learn. 🙂

  6. Thanks Rati, this helps. I have been using the Revlon foundation for some time now and it gives good coverage that stays the whole day and yet looks very natural (thanks to the sponge technique)
    I even use it as a concealer when I dont feel like putting it all over my face. Works well 🙂

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