Fragrance : Rassai Perfumes Review and Notes

Rasasi Perfumes Review

I had been to Alfam Girls! :). Anyway , my friend and I ended up going to alfa market in irla the other day. He wanted to buy chocolates for his friends so I ended up tagging along with him ( I went with him so I could check out something for me to buy. 🙂 ). Well, we went there to the main Alfa shop and the whole time was wasted in both of us trying to figure out which one should we gift to whom. SIGH ! I didn’t get to check out anything for myself.  BUT just when he was paying the bill , my eyes wandered through the perfume section and I saw transparent drawers filled with colourful boxes which looked like lipgloss boxes to me . Puzzled I went there to check out what it was… AND IT WAS EAU DE PARFUM In cute little boxes. Yippie! I had to check this out. I ended up buying four of them. . 😀 I am an addict !!

So here are little tips and all that jazz before I start-

Wearing fragrances always help to enhance your scent. And I am so in love with them. Like I said before – crazy addict of anything that smells good !! 🙂

Anyways, so when shopping for fragrance, don’t smell the perfume all at once! I tend to do this all the time and end up SUPER CONFUSED on which one to buy. . 🙂 clumsy me ! Some good stores offer coffee beans to clear your scent palette but expecting that in ALFA ?? hehe WAKE UP BUDDY AND LOOK AROUND .. Those people don’t have that much time to entertain you .. AATE JAO LETE JAOO attitude!!:P
Also when buying a fragrance it always good to give time for the scent to develop. Try walking around for a while.
There are different levels of fragrances – –

  • Perfume is the most concentrated one.
  • Eau De Parfum is lighter ( I PICKED UP THESE 🙂 )
  • Cologne is the lightest.
  • There are also essential oils which are natural options to fragrances.

Fragrances consists of three notes – top notes which are lightest, middle notes and base notes ( these are heaviest). I guess this is the reason why fragrance tends to change throughout the day.
ANYWAY, enough of knowledge. Let’s see what I got –

I picked up four super cute boxes of RASASI brand eau de parfum. They are called- Bubbly gal, Hope, Seduction and Cherish. I found out that this brand has come up with new 10ml eau de parfum in 24 fragrance brand each piece in attractive outer box packaging. Rasasi products are designed on the base of a key slogan “Quality products for an affordable price.” which is quite true because they were charging 80 bucks for 10ml of spray bottle.

rati beauty ad
RASASI brand
RASASI perfumes

RASASI brand perfumes
RASASI brand perfumes

My first reaction was these really look like lip gloss boxes. Sleek and easy to carry around in college bag types. I completely fell for the packaging and also super cute spray bottle. Let’s have a look of each one now —

Bubbly gal is a nice white, pink bottle which comes in attractive box that’s similar looking to the bottle. The fragrance is very lively, perky, dynamic, vibrant and vivacious. It has a daring fragrance for gals. A hint of seductive with touch of mischievousness and having zest for life.

Bubbly Gal
Bubbly Gal

Fragrance notes description:

  • Top notes: Persimmon, Pomegranate.
  • Middle notes: Champaca, Black orchid, Lotus Blossom
  • Base notes: Black Violet, Amber Drops, Musks, Mahogany woods, Gourmand Accord

Seduction : This one I super loved. The fragrance is awesome and also the bottle is super cute bright fuschia colored. The fragrance is very warm and sensual. This one is very much for assertive women. 🙂


Fragrance trend :

  • Top note – very fruity.
  • Middle note- floral
  • Base note- warm musky fragrance

Cherish: I loved this one for its fragrance. It’s a whiff of your loved ones, bringing back memories you never want to forget.


Fragrance trend:

  • Top notes -a floral fruity sensation of Silician citron, fresh green Granny apples and summer bluebells
  • Middle notes- Jasmine, Bamboo and pure white Rose.
  • Base notes- Cedar, Amber and Musk.

Hope: Again a good fragrance. Wonderful blend of fruity and floral fragrance.


The fragrance trend is as follows:

  • Top notes: fruity and floral (rose I guess is top note)
  • Middle notes: blend of plum and melons.
  • Base notes: sandalwood and musk.

These eau de parfum are good for teens. I guess it’s best for anyone who loves to smell good. It’s sleek packaging and bottle is very good to carry around in clutches and college bags.
It’s very aptly priced. For 80 bucks, you are getting good range (24 to be precise) of fragrances to choose from.
I haven’t used this product yet so I don’t know how long this bottle lasts. You have to be very stingy to use this.  :laugh: If you spray it every now and then it’ll finish off in matter of days . Just carry this spray when going out for weddings or meetings or lunches. Spray it on to refresh you anytime and anywhere.


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  1. Someone recently has gifted me Marks an Spenser’s perfume and the bottle is of the same size.SO I kind of relate to the cuteness and usefulness of carrying the little pretties around. 😀

    Tinkerball , you are very cure. you get excited at little things. :-* :-*

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