Freeman Beautiful Coconut Glow Leave-On Bronzing Mask Review

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I have always loved Freeman masks because they totally relax me and calm down my tired skin. Hence I picked one more mask from them, but this time it was a very unique product. I have never tried something like this before, and we don’t get such products in India often, so I planned to try it. Let’s see how this bronzing mask works!

Freeman Beautiful Coconut Glow Leave-On Bronzing Mask Review

INR 1295 for 175 ml

Product Description:
This multi-tasking mask is a real glow-getter! Apply our lightweight, ultra-moisturizing mask to hydrate, soften, smooth, and infuse skin with a natural bronze glow. Our streak-free, leave-on moisture mask has a radiance-boosting bronzing tint that’s ideal for all skin shades and delivers a healthy, warm glow year round. Moisture-rich Coconut Oil helps deeply hydrate and visibly smooth with every use. Perfect for all skin types.

product description

Apply mask to clean face and neck, avoiding contact with eyes. Let absorb. Wash hands thoroughly after use. Use as often as needed.

My Experience with Freeman Beautiful Coconut Glow Leave-On Bronzing Mask:

Freeman has come up with so many new masks, so I got 2 of these to try out!

Packaging: The coconut glow mask comes in a big, inverted, bronzy tube with coconuts printed all over it. It entails the instructions quite well. It has a big cap at the bottom which has a small hole. It lets out the needed quantity, but due to the inverted packaging, I end up getting more amount than needed. The cap closes with a click but I have a doubt that it might get opened during travels. So, I would avoid taking it along. Adding to it, the size is pretty huge too, which is why I wouldn’t prefer taking it for travels.


Consistency, Smell and Feel on the Skin: The consistency looks neither thick nor too runny. It is just perfect. I saw some granules in it and was dicey at first on how to use it since they mentioned to leave it on, but how could I leave granules on my face. But when I actually applied it, the granules started to dissolve. The mask comes in a bronzy brown colour which looks exactly like chocolate.

It has a very soothing scent of creamy coconuts. While I find it soothing, not everyone will like it since coconuts are not everyone’s cup of tea. It feels very light on the skin if considered as a mask. But I find it a little heavy and uncomfortable to apply and to step out of the house. It imparts an amazing cooling sensation which relaxes me a lot.


Results: Coming to the bronzing part, I am not quite impressed with this concept! I layered it over my face and waited for it to get absorbed. I applied a thin layer waiting for it to get absorbed, but it got absorbed in a very patchy manner. My face looked all brown, like I had played in the mud. 😛 I massaged it, making it get all evened out and absorbed into the skin. It got absorbed but the colour looked a tad darker than my skin-tone.


It looked dark but not tanned or bronzed. My skin looked dull and unhealthy as it was hiding my natural glow; although it gave a little glow, but it wasn’t very visible. It comes off easily with water which is good. But bronzing products are something that I would never try again, so would call it a skip!


Pros of Freeman Beautiful Coconut Glow Leave-On Bronzing Mask:

• Very easy to use and apply
• Glides very smoothly on my skin
• Gives a nice cooling sensation to my skin and relaxes me
• Gives a little bronzing and a glowing effect, if used in a correct way
• Smells very soothing of creamy coconuts
• Comes off easily

Cons of Freeman Beautiful Coconut Glow Leave-On Bronzing Mask:

• It makes my skin look more tanned than I would want
• It looks like a mask and has to be massaged for that bronzy look
• More than tan/bronze, it makes my face look dark
• Feels a little heavy and uncomfortable
• Not hydrating enough for winters
• Not at all a necessity

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Freeman Beautiful Coconut Glow Leave-On Bronzing Mask?
No I am not really into bronzing and stuff as I don’t find this concept appealing. This is not at all a necessity so I would call this product a skip. I would recommend to try bronzing makeup products rather than such liquid masks.

IMBB Rating:

Planning to try more Freeman stuff after I am done with my current products. But this one is just going to lie somewhere.

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