Freeman Coconut and Guava Toning Body Lotion Review

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Freeman is one brand which I have always loved as far as skin care is concerned. Recently, I picked up one body lotion from them, which claimed to make my skin smooth. Read on for more details on this body toning lotion.

Freeman Coconut and Guava Toning Body Lotion

$4.29/INR 286 for 400 ml.

Product Description by Freeman:
Firmer days are here! Two-in-one toning body lotion with invigorating Coconut and Guava hydrates to help smooth out trouble spots. Perfect for all skin types.  Tone up trouble spots with this two-in-one toning lotion, enhanced with invigorating Coconut and Guava. Re-energizing blend smooth’s over skin to improve skin’s texture and appearance. Perfect for all skin types.

Freeman Coconut and Guava Toning Body Lotion ingredients

My Experience with Freeman Coconut and Guava Toning Body Lotion:

This lotion comes in an attractive bottle with a flip open cap. The hole which dispenses the lotion is pretty big, hence I always end up squeezing more quantity than what is needed. They have provided 400 ml at a very reasonable price, but then it’s not a travel-friendly option.

Freeman Coconut and Guava Toning Body Lotion label

This body lotion is pretty thick in consistency. It cannot be called a lotion because it is thick compared to lotions, but not thicker than body butter. The lotion opens up with a great fruity smell of guava with some mild hints of coconut. I find the scent refreshing and soothing. This is one of those lotions that needs to be massaged into the skin because it creates a whitish cast that stays on top of the skin. Yes, it is a little heavy, but I have no complaints because it is made especially for dry skin and hence it needs to be thick with a heavy boost of moisture. But it gets absorbed well into my skin without leaving any greasy cast behind so this lotion can be used during any time of the season.

Freeman Coconut and Guava Toning Body Lotion cap

It gives ample hydration to my skin and the hydration lasts for a good 7 hours on my combination skin. On very dry skin, it will last around 5-6 hours. It makes my skin look well moisturized in the morning, it again turns a little dry during the course of the day, so re-application is definitely needed. I could see a little firming effect and the surface of my skin look smooth, the parched surface had gone away. But this body lotion would not show any magic on cellulite.

Freeman Coconut and Guava Toning Body Lotion swatch

Pros of Freeman Coconut and Guava Toning Body Lotion:

  • Affordable and amazing quantity offered.
  • Attractive packaging.
  • Provides hydration to the skin.
  • The lotion has a nice fruity scent of guava and coconut.
  • Gets absorbed well.
  • Firms up skin a bit.
  • Clears away dry patches on the skin.
  • A good every day body lotion.

Cons of Freeman Coconut and Guava Toning Body Lotion:

  • No SPF.
  • Might feel a little heavy initially.
  • Not an apt body lotion for summer.
  • Will not have any effect on firming cellulite.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Freeman Coconut and Guava Toning Body Lotion?
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